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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Inside Vid: Secret Agent Man

this is totally, and completely, NOT MY FAULT.

This is M's fault. As usual.

Right Click, Save As:
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Secret Agent Man: Special Agent Danny Love

Watch at imeem

*giggles hysterically*


So it's not bad enough that Lemming and I seem to share a brain occassionally...but now us too?


I am so glad I got side-tracked by that fic yesterday so that I didn't try and make this vid. I did download the song and import clips into WMM, so I am thinking I need to do SOME sort of vid though.

*scurries to check songs*
it might also easily be blamed on M probably suggesting it to both of us..she's sneaky like that.

and you should make it anyway!
NOOOO! Make it anyway, it's such a great Danny song and there's other clips you can use and who cares if some are repeats, it's DANNY!! The world needs more Danny vids!

Although, I also think you should find another song and make that as well, since you have the clips imported already and all...you could make a Danny/Rebecca vid to "Master and Servent" by Depeche Mode as sort of a companion to the fics thing. *evil grin*
Actually, "Strangelove" would be better than "Master and Servent"...*nods*
Oh yes, all M's fault...*giggles*

Although it is so shiny I do think you should take SOME of the credit for it. *sighs* Danny vid!!
Danny Vid! and yes, i do take some credit. mainly for laughing really hard while making it..
Well, I'm giving you credit for making me laugh really hard while watching it then...LOL
Would anyone be willing to make some Danny/Mel clips for me? I can't seem to download any of the episodes. Anybody?
er..there is just me here...*looks around in confusion*

links not working? sendspace problem? computer issues?
I think it may be a sendspace problem. I'm not certain why the download process is so difficult this time around. I have no trouble downloading other files.
*is pondering why she can't dl the video*
my server is having hiccups! should be back soon!
back up! try it again!
it works it works!!!!!
I love you! It's so perfect - funny AND sexy :)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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