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i always end up wanting to type "Mame" instead of Meme, which makes me giggle and think of Auntie Mame, which is a movie i love and adore. anyway, i gacked this from apocalypsos:

Name ten cancelled shows you love. Extra credit for those killed before their time. Double extra credit for shows with major queer text/subtext.

im just not sure i can actually come up with 10...

1) Earth 2 - they only gave us one stinking season. and it was about humanity, and aliens, and damnit, i just wanted one little kiss between Devon and Danziger. thats Danz in my icon. :) and Antonio Sabato Jr? where is the bad here?

2) Roswell - this show had such fabulous potential. so much so that TVguide was afraid of us, and there were tiny bottles of tabasco being mailed in millions to TPTB. and then they gave us season 2, killed Alex (i cried all over myself), and then got cancelled. what? third season? there was no third season. no.

3) P.S. I Love You - this is a show i barely remember, but it was funny, and had the cool dad from My Two Dads on it. it was about a cop and a woman in the witness protection program. hee!

4) FarScape - im just getting into it, in all honesty, but i

5) Angel - the bastages.

6) Daria - what a great, sarcastic, cynical cartoon. damn you anyway, mtv.

7) Clarissa Explains it All - nick show, very clever, much cooler than Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, regardless of the same actress. and *Sam*. i loved Sam.

8) MacGyver - oh come on, if you know me at all, you knew this would be on here.

9) Avonlea - i admit it, i loved this show. gus pike, felicity king, hetty, olivia, felix..*sigh*

10) Sliders - infinately cool concept. parellel universes..

anything else?
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