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Firefly Fic: Seeds of Belonging ( NC17, 2/2)

Title: Seeds of Belonging
Author: alianora (with significant help from literarylemming)
Rating: NC17
Summery: A different life, a different way of becoming, a love in three.

Author’s Note: This Birdy is NOT Wingtip Birdy. She has different origins, and should not be mistaken for that Birdy. This is, essentially, an AU of an AU.

It took them a few months to really settle in. Birdy and River were joined at the hip for a while, but then River stepped on a tomato plant and Birdy threw her out. It had been a long night for Jayne, dealing with two crying girls piling in his lap. But after that, River stuck to the kitchens, and left Birdy to her garden.

Other than that, they were always together, giggling and holding hands and there. And it was starting to make him a little crazy.

At the beginning, when they all were getting out, and the two girls hadn't figured out which way was up, he didn't care. He was way too damn tired to even think about the fact he ain’t touched a woman in months.

They were alive, and he was too busy keeping the crazy girl, her slightly saner mirror image, and his own self safe and out of hands of any color.

And for a while, that was alright.

The house had landed in their laps, yeah. But it needed plenty of work before it would even keep the bugs out.

The second night in the house, in the middle of a storm, the girls’ room had sprung a leak. Jayne hadn’t even woken up fully except that he was standing in their room, holding his guns and two hysterical girls.

None of them took well to sudden noises anymore.

But, they settled down into his bed after a few hours, while he kept himself busy making lists of what needed to be done.

And there was plenty.

There was Birdy’s garden, and that shy little girl followed him around and pestered him for a solid day and a half to help her deal with some of the bigger messes. He wasn’t real sure where she had gotten fertilizer, but every time he asked, Birdy would look guilty and River would look innocent.

Jayne was kept hopping fixing everything in that little house.

And River tried to learn to cook in order to keep them all fed. That didn't go so well at first, but the girl could make a mean sandwich. And the burned smell in the kitchen went away after a week. Girl said it was easy, once she figured out the chemistry.

But after a while, things with the girls started to come over... funny.

It started with little things.

Birdy smiling up at him when he brought her some water after she'd been weeding her plants. Her eyes got all crinkled in the corner, and he noticed the new freckles on her shoulders where her shirt didn't cover.

He was reaching out to touch them before he noticed.

It made him swallow hard, but he shook it off. What was weirder was the way she didn’t seem to mind that he was looking.

Then, River took to making him his favorite cookies.

She must have lifted the recipe or the memory or something right out of his head, because they were just like his mama used to make. He told her that through the four in his mouth.

And she gave him this big smile, eyes all big, and she wasn't acting too crazy, and for a minute, she seemed kind of pretty.

She blushed, and he knew she had heard that.

And then, it seemed like everywhere he went and everywhere he was, one of them just popped up. And they were always smiling at him and sometimes they brought him things, although Birdy bringing him flowers seemed a little backwards.

Plus they were always touching him. Little fingers on the back of his neck, or good smelling girl bodies pressed up against him in the middle of a rainstorm - and him concentrating hard on manure and ice in uncomfortable places to keep from thinking on the feeling.

He taught River how to fish, and she seemed happy to have his arms around her when he showed her how to cast. Birdy taught him how to weed her garden, and it was her hands on his and her face so close that he got tongue tied.

He was finding himself all kinds of turned around about it.

It only seemed to happen when the other wasn’t around, and that laid a whole new level of trouble on it.

'Cause either way, he was in trouble.

They were out here in the middle of nowhere, with nobody but the three of them, and he couldn’t be looking at either one of them like that. But he couldn’t help it.

It wasn’t just that they were the only women folk about. He was kind of fond of the both of them. And together or separate, there was nothing cuter than those girls.

Not that he would ever tell either of them that.

So, here he was, shoving his dinner in his mouth and trying to avoid looking at Birdy's little hands as she licked her fingers after every bite of fried chicken.

The last three nights, both girls had sat at the table for a while after, talking and giggling, and looking at him in ways that made him feel all kinds of odd and had him counting the days since he had been with a woman.

He had taken to eating as fast as possible, so he could lock himself in his room and think as hard as he could about whores and blondes and anything but the two almost identical girls sitting downstairs smiling and touching him.

While he, you know, took care of some needs he couldn’t deal with anyplace else.

And tonight, with Birdy licking her fingers with entirely too much enjoyment, and River cheerfully discussing the "flirtation" going on in the back yard between two stray cats and using words like "fornicate" and "manhood," he just couldn’t sit there.

He mumbled something stupid to them and bolted for the stairs, falling against his door with a moan.

The image of Birdy licking at her fingers had him fumbling for his belt buckle almost before he got the door shut behind him.

He fell backwards onto the bed, eyes closed. He made himself stop.

His hand on his buckle stilled and he inhaled. Had to make sure he knew what was in his own head.

One of the girls downstairs was still a reader, and he couldn’t let her pick up anything. Not anything. Not one single thought about little bitty girls with big eyes and odd ways of talking. Nothing about girls with gardens, or girls with cookies, who like to laugh and tease him.

Nothing about that.

Jayne shut his eyes tighter and concentrated.


Blondes with big hair and high voices, and no tendencies to babble about plants talking or the air touching.

It got more difficult every night to come up with something.

He nearly jumped out of his skin when his door creaked open and two little heads peeked in. "Jayne?"

He snatched his hand off his half undone belt and sat up fast. "What? What’s wrong?"

River slipped through the door, eyes wide and scared. "We had a waking dream, Jayne."

Birdy huddled behind her, little fingers clutching the door frame. "We were talking, and then we started to remember." Her face started to crumple. "I don't want to remember, Jayne."

River tugged on Birdy's hand, pulling her into the room and shutting the door. "Can we stay with you?" Without waiting for his answer, both girls threw themselves at him and the bed.

They didn’t often get scared anymore, but when they did, they were harder to pry off than leeches. They pressed their faces into his biceps, one on each side, and he really wished they would’ve at least let him grab a pillow or a blanket or something to throw over his lap.

He tried to adjust himself without letting either of them see what he was doing. Problem wasn’t going away with both of them right here, touching him.

River turned her face up to him, and she suddenly looked a lot less scared then she had seconds ago.

Birdy tucked herself up under his arm while he was looking at River, and when he looked down, she sucked her fingers into her mouth, eyes wide and innocent.

Her look was slightly more unsure than River's, but he wasn’t focusing too well on her features at that point, as his thoughts were anything but innocent. He was too focused on her little fingers disappearing into her pretty mouth.

He nearly swallowed his tongue at the sight. It was official, the Alliance couldn’t kill him, but two girls with big eyes were going to finish him off slowly. He desperately tried to shake them off so he could go shut himself in the bathroom and have a heart attack in peace.

Gorram girls clung like limpets, and he nearly whimpered in frustration.

River rested her head on his shoulder with a smile. Birdy reached up to place one little hand over his racing heart. He looked from one to the other in confusion.

"Shh," River told him, touching one finger to his mouth.

"We know you watch us," Birdy said, looking up at him shyly. "We watch you too."

River walked her fingers onto his knee, smiling teasingly. "Know you can’t decide, know you don’t want to choose." She moved a tiny bit closer, letting her fingers linger on his knee.

"One would be left out," Birdy chimed in, one hand slipping down his arm to link her fingers with his. "One would be alone."

She smiled up at him, face open and sweet. "You don’t want to choose, and we don’t want to be chosen." She rubbed her face against his shoulder, watching him with those big eyes.

River ran her thumb over the inside of his knee, making him shiver. She watched her fingers as she traced her name on his knee. "So we chose for all of us."

"That’s crazy talk," he argued feebly. "I ain’t got no interest in either of you."

Birdy giggled into his shoulder. "We can hear you at night when you think we're asleep." She flushed a little, color disappearing down past her freckles into her shirt. His fingers twitched with the urge to follow it. "We hear you say our names sometimes."

Jayne shook his head, mouth tight. "It don’t mean nothing," he insisted, refusing to look at either girl pressed up against him. "A man's got eyes."

"And lips and fingertips and man parts." River leaned into his neck, eyes dancing as her fingers teased up his thigh.

"It ain't right," he stood up suddenly, brushing off the girls. River tried to touch him again, but he stepped out of reach. "It ain’t right," he insisted, running one hand through his hair in frustration.

River frowned in annoyance, reaching out for him again. "Right is wrong is right," she said, rolling her eyes.

Birdy shook her head at her mirror image in slight disapproval. Jayne was standing stiff backed and angry in front of them, and River pushing the issue wasn’t going to help.

Birdy crept to the edge of the bed, one small hand reaching out for his. He didn’t turn to look at her, but he didn’t shake her off either. She slipped her fingers through his and ran her thumb across the strong palm of his hand.

"Jayne," she said gently, squeezing his hand in hers. "Jayne, these girls are not like other girls."

"River and Birdy are unusual, and no one else knows why except for you." Birdy rose up onto her knees, tugging on Jayne's hand. He turned slowly, eyes focused somewhere above her head.

"You have taken care of us," River said softly behind her. River leaned against her mirror, trusting that Birdy would find the right words to convince the man in front of them.

Birdy nodded, focused on Jayne's closed face. "No one else would do what you did. No one else would understand, and take two girls in with him and keep them safe." His fingers twitched in hers.

"Both girls here know why they are here. They get lonely too, Jayne." Birdy’s eyes shined with tears. “We get lonely without you.”

That seemed to get his attention. He looked fully at the girl kneeling on the edge of the bed in front of him. "I ain’t lonely." He tried to pull his hand from hers, but she brought his hand up to kiss his knuckles.

River crawled to the edge of the bed as well. "All three are lonely. Can all be made one, if you trust us." She slipped her hand into his free one, joining her twin in looking up at him.

"It ain’t right," he said again to those two trusting faces. He tightened his fingers around the smaller hands in his. "It don’t make it right, just ‘cause you’re lonely."

River reached out to hook her fingers through his belt loop, tugging him slightly closer. Neither girl took her eyes off of him. His resolve weakening, he tried to step away from them, but they wouldn’t let go. Birdy turned his hand upward in hers and pressed a gentle kiss to his palm.

Jayne closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Somehow, he had lost control of the situation, and his mind was spinning. He turned to look at River, "Either of you ever even been with a man?"

River nodded slightly, a dark look crossing her face. Birdy reached out to touch her almost sister's hair with a gentle hand.

"River had a bad experience," Birdy said sadly, tucking River’s hair behind her ear. "I have not." She looked down at their joined hands, an anxious look crossing her face. "I would understand if you would rather choose. I would not know what to do, and would not want to be in the way..."

Jayne stopped her rambling by brushing his thumb lightly over her bottom lip.

He shook his head in amazement. "You wouldn't be in the way." His voice was gruff. He sank down to sit in between both girls and looked at his hands for a moment. "I got two girls who've never been with a man, not really. Two girls who aren’t exactly sane." He looked from one wide eyed girl to the other. "And they say they've chosen me." He laughed ruefully, laying his head in his hands.

River pressed one hesitant kiss to Jayne's shoulder.

He shivered under her mouth, shoulders relaxing a fraction. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, but didn’t move away.

River nodded to Birdy, smiling comfortingly at the other girl, as Birdy eyed her anxiously.

Birdy shot Jayne a worried look, licked her lips, and pressed them to Jayne's cheek. She rested one small hand on his shoulder, steadying both herself and Jayne, who let his hands drop away from his face.

He tilted his head towards her a little, so she didn’t have to stretch so much.

After the first kiss, it was easier. And with Jayne sitting in between them with his eyes closed, letting them explore, they got a little bolder, laying kisses on his neck and shoulders. The light touch was enough to make him shiver.

River raised herself to her knees, and hesitated for a second. Carefully, slowly, she pressed a kiss to the very corner of his mouth.

Her lips were soft, and both girls smelled so good, and it had been so very long, he found himself turning to catch her mouth with his.

She caught in a surprised breath, and he watched her from under half closed eyes. Her eyes were open wide with amazement, and she had to tighten her hands on his shoulder to keep from losing her balance.

He heard a startled whisper from his other side as Birdy pressed closer to his side. "Thought you said he didn’t kiss on the mouth?"

He smiled against River's soft lips. She watched him pull back, eyes still wide in surprise. She licked her lips and he had to kiss her again.

She relaxed and sighed into his mouth and he got a better taste of her.

He touched his tongue to her bottom lip lightly, but pulled back when she opened her mouth to him.

"Thought we was all three involved here," he said. He turned to look at Birdy, who had stopped her little blizzard of kisses across his neck when he kissed River back.

She looked up at him, all big eyes and shyness, with a heartbreakingly hesitant smile on her face. He looked at her carefully, face serious. "This what you want, Birdy-girl?"

She nodded shyly. "Just nervous," she told him with wide eyes. "Jayne has been with many women, and I have never.." she gestured wordlessly, blushing.

He smiled a little, his shoulders relaxing even further as he looked down at the girl in front of him. "Don’t gotta worry," he told her, obviously trying to be as gentle as he could. He ran careful fingers over her eyelids, closing her eyes.

"Don’t gotta worry," he whispered, cupping her face with his large hands. "Don’t gotta worry."

He leaned down and kissed her, mouth warm and gentle. He felt clumsy and rough, and he didn’t want to scare her, so he kept it simple. She was hesitant, but she opened her mouth under his. She tasted a little like honey.

She opened her eyes as he drew back, little fingers stealing up to touch her lips. He watched her, barely noticing River kissing the back of his neck, except to tilt his head forward so she had better access.

Birdy looked up at him with shining eyes. He sighed in relief and leaned back against River as Birdy smiled at him wonderingly.

He smiled back hopefully, stealing one hand up River's back to run his fingers through her hair as she nipped at his neck.

Birdy caught her breath, cupped her hands around his face and stole up his side to kiss him again. Her mouth was eager and warm, and he let himself get lost in the sensation of her lips on his, and River’s lips on his neck.

At some point, River sank back, and he followed her mouth, pulling Birdy after him. The three of them ended up more or less sprawled out with Jayne’s legs hanging off the edge of the bed.

Birdy stayed balanced on her knees, leaning over him. Her little hands held Jayne’s face as she touched her tongue to his hesitantly. He let her explore, hand still cupping River's head as she started to unbutton his shirt one button at a time, following her fingers with her mouth

He had to catch his breath, pulling back from Birdy when River pushed his shirt open far enough to lick at his nipple. He tightened his fingers in her hair and shivered at the feeling.

At some point, his other hand had ended up high on Birdy's thigh, and as he turned to brush River's hair back from her face, he ran his fingers over Birdy's backside. She flushed faintly, but didn’t pull away. She shifted to give him better access and he palmed her backside.

He sucked in a breath at River suddenly bit down, hard enough to make him yelp. She smiled against his nipple, and he couldn’t help but chuckle. "You trying to cause trouble, girl?"

"Trying to get you to touch us,” She tugged his shirt open the rest of the way as Birdy reached over to help. Four little hands ran curiously over his chest, hiis eyes rolled back in his head slightly as Birdy accidentally scratched him with her nails.

"You want me to touch you?" he asked, stomach tightening as Birdy licked at his belly button. Her touch was sending shockwaves through his body, and he was starting to have a difficult time thinking.

Birdy nodded, face open and hopeful. "Please."

He touched Birdy's head gently with one hand, tucking a lock of hair back behind her ear. He looked at River, who stared back challengingly.

He hesitated. Once he crossed this line, he wasn’t sure if he could go back. He shouldn’t be touching either of these girls. It was wrong, but right now, he couldn’t remember why.

River lifted one of his hands, and placed it on her breast. "This girl is not wearing undergarments," she offered hopefully.

His hand tightened almost automatically at the feel of her nipple pebbling under his palm.

He looked at his hand on River's breast, her hand still holding it there. Her face was calm and knowing, and he relaxed. This was something that was going to happen. If it was going to go bad, she would have stopped him by now. She knew things.

And he stopped fighting it, mentally and physically, he accepted that he had two almost identical girls in his bed, and they wanted him to touch them.

At that point, Jayne showed off one of the more bizarre skills he had picked up over the years.

Within two seconds, River's dress had been lifted off over her head, and Birdy's peasant blouse had been untied and pushed off of her shoulders to pool at her elbows.

Both girls froze in amazement, Birdy's hands going up reflexively to cover herself.

Jayne caught at one of her hands, stopping the movement. "No." He held her hand, thumb caressing the palm of her hand. "Such a pretty girl." He touched the top of one breast with careful fingers, Birdy blushing bright red, but dropping her arms to let her blouse slip off her elbows.

River smiled happily, completely at ease with being naked, and pressed herself up against him.

He slid one hand up into River's hair, pulling her up to his mouth for a kiss, even as his other cupped Birdy's small breast.

"So pretty," he breathed out, looking at both girls, mirror images. Birdy moaned as he ran his thumb over her nipple. He pinched her lightly, liking the way her breathing changed when he did it.

Leaving one hand there, running his fingers over her nipples, he pulled River up to him to kiss the hollow between her breasts. He sucked lightly on her skin, and he delighted in the gasp he got in response.

She shivered, and he pulled Birdy up the same way, so both girls were leaning on him on their elbows, bare-chested.

He circled them in his arms, hands squeezing their backsides. He pinched Birdy’s covered bottom mischievously.

She squealed and slapped at his hands with a giggle.

"Think River's the only one who’s got the right idea here," he told Birdy with a smile.

She giggled and reached for his belt. She stuck her tongue out in concentration as she tried to slide the belt open. Her hands were so close to his crotch, he could feel the heat. He groaned, reaching for her hands to stop her.

His hand landed over hers, and he pulled her hands away. She shot him an anxious look. "Am I doing it wrong?"

He shook his head, turning to explore River’s breasts with his tongue. "Want you both naked." He shivered. “Want you pressed up against me, with nothing stopping me from touching you everywhere.”

Birdy blushed, and River pulled back from Jayne's mouth enough to reach over to help Birdy unbutton her pants.

Jayne's eyes crossed. Almost identical, almost naked, with one of them bending over to undo the others belt. It was enough to make any man crazy. He swore, trying to force the images of what else they could do together down - he was trying to stay in control, and he was already hard enough that it hurt to have his pants still zipped.

He didn’t want to wait anymore. He sat up, pulling them both into his lap, tearing at Birdy's buttons and sliding her pants down her legs as quickly as he could. Her skin felt good under his hands, soft and giving, and he shuddered again in anticipation.

She yelped in surprise, clutching onto River's shoulder for support.

River kissed her double’s hand with a small smile, and Jayne felt his pants get even tighter. River slipped one of her hands into Birdy’s reassuringly.

Jayne cupped River's backside, squeezing and pulling her nearer as he licked and kissed at any skin he could reach, while Birdy was still half tangled in her pants. She managed to kick them off onto the floor, still halfway trying to cover herself with her hands.

He kissed River once on the mouth, turning to pull Birdy to him as she tried to hide herself in his side. He pulled them both closer, girls straddling one leg each, and ran a hand down their backs.

"So pretty," he whispered to her, voice low and possessive. "Both of you." The hand on River's ass was gently rubbing circles lower and lower, until River gasped.

Birdy looked up from Jayne’s hard kiss to see her almost sister's mouth hanging open, eyes closed, as Jayne pushed a finger inside her. She moaned and Jayne brushed his mouth over her neck to feel it.

Birdy hesitated, looking unsure. Her arms tightened around Jayne’s neck anxiously. "It’s alright, Birdy," he told her, clumsily trying to stroke her hair with his unoccupied left hand. "Wont do nothing you don’t want me to,” he reassured her. He nuzzled her cheek, and she pressed her face into his shoulder, watching with wide eyes.

River tucked her forehead into Jayne's neck, and he kissed her cheek.

He growled into her ear, "You like that, pretty girl?" She nodded, breath stuttering. She whimpered, shifting her hips, trying to push his fingers deeper.

"Why don’t you tell Birdy whatcha feel?" He suggested hoarsely, keeping his strokes inside her slow and long. She felt so good wrapped around his finger. He rubbed Birdy's ass comfortingly with his other hand, feeling her breath hitch against his neck.

"Full," River moaned, pushing back against his hand harder. "Hot and holy and tight." Her head fell back, and she clawed at his shoulders with eager hands.

"Very tight," he crooned, encouraged when Birdy started to shift her hips against his side. Her eyes were fixed on River’s flushed face.

"Come on," he whispered into River’s ear, "we'll give you a good one, and then you can help me relax Birdy some." He pulled her closer, and added a second finger. Ta ma de, they smelled good. All turned on and wet. He was about to come in his pants, and they hadn’t even really touched him anywhere important.

River groaned, pushing her hips back harder, driving his fingers deeper. She was sweating, and he licked a line up her neck as her head fell back futher. He let his other hand on Birdy slip lower, not yet touching her core, but close enough that she could feel the heat of his hand.

River was panting, hips rocking furiously and nails digging into Jayne's shoulders.

"Oh," she said, eyes closing as she sat up straight, suddenly locking tightly around his fingers. She was babbling as she scrabbled at his shoulders, nails leaving marks as she came with a groan. "OhohohohohohohOH."

She tightened her fingers on his shoulders as her knees gave out and she fell against him. He caught her with his arm and chest, keeping her from sliding off his lap onto the floor. “So hot,” he told her, sucking on her ear. “Hottest little thing I’ve ever seen.”

River smiled hazily. “Birdy’s turn,” she told him, hands fluttering over his chest as she tried to pull herself upright.

Birdy jumped a little as Jayne turned to her, left hand brushing over her center lightly. "You want that?" He asked. Birdy’s eyes were wide and her body was trembling with both nerves and want.

Jayne slowly pulled his fingers out of River, her moaning a little at the movement. She slid to the bed beside him, pillowing her head on her arms.

"Feels good," she told her mirror sister dreamily. "Like drowning in honey."

Birdy's legs edged wider as Jayne pulled her fully into his lap, facing out. He rested her back against his chest, brushing her breasts with his hands before letting one drop lower to rest on her thigh.

He rolled her nipple in his fingers, soothingly talking nonsense about pretty girls and little hands and how good they made him feel. He could feel her shiver under his hands, but it was more want and less nerves.

As she started to relax, eyes fluttering closed at the feel of his fingertips on her breasts, he brushed his other hand over her clit.

It jolted through her body, jerking her hips. "OH!" Her eyes flew open and she grabbed for Jayne’s hand.

He rolled his hips under hers, pushing his aching cock into her backside. She glanced back at him, looking nervous. He kissed her cheek gently, trying to remember her lack of experience. "Shhh. It’s ok."

His fingers on her clit were still wet from River, and he glided his fingertips over her, taking the time to explore that he hadn’t taken with River. "Feel so good," he told her with a groan. He pressed against her again, biting down on her shoulder lightly.

River pulled herself back into a sitting position, and she touched Birdy's hand to her heart. "Anchor for sinking ships," she said, smiling encouragingly at Birdy. "Let go," she urged. "We will not let you drown."

Birdy wove her fingers through River’s, seeming to take strength from the other girl’s presence. She rocked her hips faintly, encouraged by Jayne's intake of breath.

Jayne took his hand off of her breast for a moment, reaching down between himself and the girl and easing his zipper down. He breathed a sigh of relief as the pressure was somewhat removed.

Jayne let Birdy set the pace, still barely brushing over her core. She was breathing harder, mouth open in a surprised expression. She was whispering, but Jayne was too occupied with watching her that he couldn’t understand what she was saying. He waited. It wasn’t until she was starting to jerk back against him that he pressed a finger inside her.

Birdy cried out, hands tightening around Jayne's wrist and River's fingers as he entered her. "Full!" she stammered, angling her hips to help him hit the exact right spot where she needed it most.

"Please," she sobbed, her head falling back to loll against his shoulder. She tucked her face into his neck as well as she could, biting down on his shoulder.

River petted her hair gently. "That’s it," she crooned to her mirror image. "Let go."

Jayne got a jolt straight through his groin every time she slammed back against him. He deepened his stroke, almost lifting her off his lap as she struggled to spread her legs wider to give him more access.

With a cry, Birdy broke apart in Jayne's hands. She sagged forward, Jayne and River the only things keeping her from falling.

He pulled her back against him, withdrawing his fingers from her reluctantly, and let River pet and soothe Birdy.

He raised his hand to his mouth, watching the two naked girls huddle together. He sucked at the taste of both of them on his fingers. He shuddered. They tasted better than they smelled, if that were possible.

Looking at the two girls, he let himself fall back onto the bed, hand slipping out of his mouth, and down to his John Thomas to give himself some much needed relief.

Hell, getting to touch those two like that, even if they changed their minds later, the images of both of them breaking apart, and both of them there together like that would give him something to look forward to every time he closed his eyes.

He hurt, but it was a good hurt, a slow buildup from getting to touch and taste two pretty girls. Jayne slipped one hand down into his pants, using his other to shove his britches down a little more.

Two little hands closed over his. "This is our job," River told him firmly, one hand sliding down to cup his balls. He caught his breath at her firm touch.

Birdy blushed, but nodded, hesitatingly reaching out to stroke him. She ran shy little fingers over the head of his cock.

His hips bucked involuntarily, and she drew back. "Ain’t nothing to be scared of," he told her, biting back a moan. "Just likes when you touch it."

Four hands were caressing him, sliding up and down his shaft, and he knew it was only going to be a couple of moments before he couldn’t hold on anymore.

"Big," whispered Birdy, looking to River in amazement. Her fingers danced over him, reaching out curiously to encircle him with one little hand.

River smiled slyly, and Jayne chuckled. "Everything 'bout me is big," he boasted, gasping as River ran her thumb up his shaft.

"It is," River agreed, looking at Birdy’s astonished look with amusement. "Poor overwhelmed Birdy," she cooed, leaning forward to nuzzle at the other girls cheek. Birdy blushed, one hand still wrapped around him.
Jayne groaned at the sight. There was nothing better than the sight of two naked girls almost kissing while jerking him off.

He could die happy.

As soon as they were done.

Birdy giggled as his eyes rolled back in his head. River shot her another amused look. "Birdy should try this too," she said. Her voice had a naughty tone to it.

Jayne's eyes were closed, and he twitched when River's hair tickled the inside of his thighs.

He 'bout near levitated off the bed when her little tongue flicked across the head of his cock.

His eyes flew open, but River was already drawing back, tongue caught teasingly between her teeth. Birdy giggled behind one hand

"Nngh," Jayne managed as both girls exchanged nods and leaned down together. Two identical heads, except for hair, carefully licking up either side of his shaft. Birdy's touch was kitten soft and hesitant, River's was firmer and more teasing, but the visual alone was almost enough to drive him over the edge

The touch wasn’t though, and he managed to get his hands tangled in River's hair enough to pull her up to his mouth for an intense kiss. "Harder," he croaked, petting Birdy’s hair with his other hand.

He captured the back of her neck, and pulled her up for a kiss as well as River switched back to using her hands.

Her little hand was firm and hot around him and her strokes were long and sure. He groaned into Birdy's mouth, tangling his hands in her hair. He honestly thought he was about to black out just from the touch of two pretty girls.

Birdy smiled against his mouth. "Time for Jayne to fall apart," she told him with a giggle. She added her hands in counterpoint to River's stroking.

She just touched, light touches that were enough to drive him crazy, but with the added stimulation of River's sure grasp, he was bucking against them and swearing through gritted teeth.

He managed to slit his eyes open, one hand still tangled in Birdy's hair, other hand reaching out for River.

Birdy looked up at him with those big eyes, and she watched him, even as she slowly leaned down and kiss his hipbone. Her mouth was swollen, and her little tongue darted out to touch his skin even as River added in a squeeze on her upstroke and he couldn’t hold on anymore.

His brain blanked out on anything like names or human speech, and he came with a harsh bellow, hands tightening in both girls' hair, holding them against him as he came against River and Birdy's fingers.

He 'bout near blacked out, he came so hard.

He stayed tensed, having to remind his fingers to let go of his girls' hair so he wouldn’t hurt them.

It took River laying a gentle kiss on the head of his still twitching cock, before he managed to get some of his body responses under control and let his fingers slip out of their death grip.

He blinked, "Huhhgk," he managed.

Birdy giggled, eyes still startled at his response. "I think we broke him."

River reached across Jayne's body to hug her almost sister tightly, breasts pressing together without either girl really noticing. Jayne was still trying to regain human speech, so he missed it as well

River gently ran her fingers through Birdy's hair and searched her eyes. "Is this still alright?" she asked worriedly. "This was this girl's idea, and she would not want her mirror to be frightened or unhappy."

Birdy smiled, hands reaching up to shyly cover her naked body. "This is good." she touched Jayne's cheek, and he opened his eyes halfway and nuzzled down into the palm of her hand. "Is Jayne happy?"

The girls suddenly looked unsure. River hugged herself, and Birdy watched him with nervous eyes.

"Come 'ere," he muttered, tugging on Birdy's hand. "Both 'f you."

Both girls scooted closer, and he pulled them down onto his chest, River's hair falling across his neck. Birdy brushed River’s hair out of her own face, pressing her nose into Jayne’s neck.

"Surprised me," he slurred, trying to explain without having to locate any of the brain cells the girls had destroyed with this whole thing. "Didn’t figure either of you would want this old man, much less both."

He kissed Birdy's forehead and tugged a strand of River's hair. "Long as you're ok, I’m ok."

He was falling asleep, completely exhausted.

"Just don’t be sorry," he whispered to them, eyes slipping closed.

River and Birdy curled up against him, tucking their heads into his neck.

River reached out to take Birdy's hand. "Not sorry," she told both the already sleeping mercenary and her almost twin. "Jayne belongs to us, now."

Tags: firefly fic

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  • Dear Yule Goat


  • Dear Yuletide 2013

    Dear Yuletide Author, HI! HI HI HI! I adore yuletide, and have been involved for several years, so here's what I've figured out about myself. I'm…

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