Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,


Have been fighting the random urge to write Lost fic and feed the Tailies to peteytheorchid.  but, as i havent actually watched the show since Shannon bought it, i have no justification for this, and know nothing about most of the Tailies in the first place.

Should be getting part 14 of Wingtip back from beta tonight, i hope i hope.  she's been sick, otherwise, it would have been up about two weeks ago.  must finish part 15 to send to her asap too.

Should be posting the first of the porns ive been working on, and i cant help it, im freaking out about them.  because they were originally written just for me and literarylemming, because while our love for Wingtip is never to be reached by anything else ever, we loved the idea of Birdy and River meeting too.  but, am halfway done with the editing of the first. 

should be posting that tomorrow.  (omg please let people like them).

would post tonight, but tonight is film discussion group, and as i am somewhat in charge, i like to be there.  which puts me out of the house from 6:15 until 10:00. 

and then i have to check email and lj and chat with the lemming and rinalin and make sure nothing earthshattering has happened to either in the several HOURS it has been since i have talked to them.

hey, it could.

PS. my love for 132 icon slots makes me dance and wiggle.  SO MUCH PRETTY!

PPS. i have decided, yet again, to change my layout. i need something a little lighter in color...oooh, Rinny</>... :)

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