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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Inside Ficlet: Backup

rinalin and i have been watching The Inside together. fic has been starting.

Title: Backup
Author: alianora
Rating: PG
Summery: Danny doesn't want.

Danny doesnt want a woman who is broken.

He knows better.

He wants a woman who wants him, who can laugh and tease and toss her
hair. A woman whose most painful secret is that she dyes her hair, or
that she lost her bikini top in the swimming pool.

He doesnt want a woman who hides behind her hair and her eyes, looking
innocent when she is anything but.

He doesnt want a woman who puts herself in danger at every turn, never
thinking to call for backup, because she might not care whether she
lives or dies.

He doesnt want a woman like Rebecca, who watches him out of the corner
of her eyes when he breaks down the door to get to her. She looks so
startled every time. Like she didnt think anyone would come.

He doesnt want a woman who hides her scars underneath an assumed name
and a hunched posture.

He doesnt want the woman who sits beside him, no matter what his body
is telling him.

He doesnt.


Now, i need Danny Love icons. yes. and the wibble face!


*purrrrrrrrrrrrrr* Oh Danny, yes you do. You KNOW you want Rebecca, you hot, sexy man you. You Tahitian maiden's dream!


*giggles* you feed my addictions in bad ways.
*simpers* And you love me for it. ;)
Ahhh Gotta Love the Love. He SO wants her...and she can have him, once I'm done with him..in er- well, we know I'd never be done, so she can have Paul and get over it.
i dont WANT her to have Paul! i want her to have DANNY. or at least, for them to notice each other on occasion!
I...I think I love you even more--if that is even possible.

PLEASE make sure these fics that you and Rinny and anyone else writes get posted to theinsidefic!
hee! thanks, i will!

hey, you dont have..caps, do you? cause i NEED wibble face. and fruity drinks. and DANNY LOVE!
OMFG! DO I HAVE CAPS!?!?!?! Who are you TALKING to?

I gave the link to Kash and Rinny as well...

Bug's Danny Love Photobucket Account

Aiden, LGL and Perfect Couple will be capped this weekend. And the numbers correspond to the ep...so "DannyLove1-2" is the first episode, second screencap.

i..i...i love you more than words can say.

Since I haven't seen The Inside, can someone explain the Tahitian Maiden reference to me?
Danny likes fruity drinks. He drinks one called The Tahitian Maiden's Dream. its very funny.
This Drink *icon*
Thank you OMG is thud ::ded::
heee! thank YOU for reposting links to the eps!
::looks around:: who me?

::sneaky Jayne grin::

T'weren't nuttin'!

I am glad to share.. more people need Danny Lust..errr Love in their life.
This is just... GUH.

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! You know what this did to me.

I was useless at work for a good half hour. But... *wibble*


I love you! I can toss my hair! I can lose a bikini top!

Related side note

Ooh I love this! Must find more Danny/Rebecca fic!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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