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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Sword and Shield

in case you missed it from my massive squeeing earlier, the Remix Archive is up with anon stories.

author names will be added in about a week, but until then, if you'd like to take a guess at what i wrote, feel free. drabbles/ficlets for anyone who guesses.

Fic Recs posted over at minionsficrecs that are NOT remixes. i had a backlog. Expect to see Remix recs within the next couple of days.

im really hoping that my remixee likes what i did to the original fic. *bites fingernails* i think its cool, and i also think its pretty obvious which is mine, once you read it, but i could be overstating the case. its not a new fandom for me, if that narrows things down. that will be posted here as well as soon as names go up.

Real Life tackled me and attempted to smother me under a pillow the last two weeks, so apologies for the lack of fic. i have three more ficlets that i wrote with rinalin while prompting back and forth that need to be cleaned up a little, and i hope to have another part of Wingtip up this week, as well as the next part of Fun and Games.

of course, rinalin is forcing me to watch The Inside, which is taking up my time and braincells, because i already completely love Rebecca and DANNY!! Danny LOVE, no less.

And, the inevitable Firefly/Young Riders crossover should be attacking at any time. brace yourself.


LOL! Isn't that show awesome? I have been an addict since this past summer...

And FOX *spit* cancelling it is the whole reason for my boycott of their station. I am tired of them cancelling my favorite shows (in fact, the first ep of the returned "The Family Guy" lists QUITE A FEW OF THEM!)

Oh, and Danny Love is Love. *pets my baby*

I will fic this...eventually.
Firefly/Young Riders crossover!! Write it write it write it! Or I will. *g*
Real Life tackled me and attempted to smother me under a pillow the last two weeks
that's not nice *shakes fist at RL*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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