Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Buckle Up

Im enjoying my Young Rider DVDs entirely too much.

My love for Ike continues to grow. He's so pretty! and he's such a cool character all the way around, with the baldness and the not speaking. *swoons happily* He has to do so much of his acting with his body and his facial expressions, because he has no spoken dialogue. *loves* and he really is the sweetest of the boys.

Of course, i find myself slightly shipping Ike and Buck, because they're so close and take care of each other.

i need the Buck/Ike slash fic, please.

Of course, i also need an Ike and a Buck of my very very own. but thats beside the point.

and the fic where Cody and Jimmy snark and make fun of each other. because its funny.

Kid continues to own my soul, because he's such an oddball compared to the others. he's not a braggert, or hotheaded, he doesnt want to show off or anything! and he just kinda takes over when the group needs a leader.

my lust for Buck continues unabated.

"I love you too, Hickock!" Aww! Cody loves Jimmy!

where is the fic? where are the screencaps? WHERE ARE THE ICONS? *needs Ike icons*

ETA: Jimmy and Lou's interactions before he finds out she's a girl is hysterical to me. he doesnt even seem to LIKE her!

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