Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Rider Coming!

in many and several fandoms, of various things:

Young Riders:
-i love literarylemming more than i ever thought possible, as she loves me and sent me the dvds!!!!
-my love for all things Kid remains strong
-the kiss at the end of the pilot had me jumping up on my couch and squeeing. i felt like Tom Cruise. only not as creepy.
-i need fic and icons and i really need an icon of Buck, who is just fabulous
-oddly, my irritation with Jimmy being an idiot still holds, so many years later. which is also hysterical, because, according to my own personal history of love for characters, i LIKE the hot headed smartasses. please see fascination with Jayne, Michael Guerin, Han Solo...
-Lou is still adorable.

-weebones is adorable. i want to squish them all. its like iharthdarth, if that helps. and this one is the best thing ever.
-except for this icon. *points* HOT BLOODED! he's just so adorably dorky when he dances!
- why does Angela call Bones, "Brennan?" if they are best friends, wouldnt she call her Temprence?

-didnt watch it. interest waning.
-Dom still adorable

Why is there no cliche sci fi fic in firefly? seriously. there are certain things that happen in almost ever sci fi show, and ive yet to see them in firefly.

if they exist, link me. if they dont, WRITE THEM.

-Body switching fics - Jayne in Simon's body, Simon in Inara's, Mal in Kaylee's, Kaylee in Jayne's, etc etc. Kaylee has to experiment, you know...hijinks ensue, with potty humor.
-Time loop fics - the crew gets stuck in a groundhog day time loop. at least two of them know about it. hijinks ensue, as the day resets, and no one will remember what the ones who know did
-Kid fics - no, not baby fics, where the crew spawns. im talking about..River and Simon get shrunk back to little kids. hijinks ensue as the crew tries to fix it and take care of the teeny troublemaker.

i want the kid fic. WANT. sure, its pure cotton candy, but its so SWEET.

think about it! teeny little Jayne, age three, naked except for his cunning hat falling over his eyes, streaking down the hallway to the cargo bay! HOW CUTE IS THAT?

and i keep meaning to write time loop fic. where River and Jayne are the only ones who know they are stuck, only River wasnt sure, because she's crazy, and Jayne didnt know, because all the days blur together in the black..i just..dont have anything other than that. like why they're stuck in the loop. or how to fix it. or anything.

so, write it for me, or send me links, or SOMETHING, because i want these.

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