Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Firefly Ficlet: Matchmaker

sometimes, when we both SHOULD be working, rinalin will prompt back and forth in email and write ficlets.  I was lucky enough to inspire <a href="">A Helping Hand</a> from her yesterday, and while mine arent quite as much fun, i like them anyway.

Prompt was "Jayne, Kaylee - Matchmaking"

Title: Matchmaker
Author: alianora
Rating: G

"It ain't gonna work."  Jayne shot Kaylee an irritated look.  "It's a
dumb idea."

"No, it ain't!"  Kaylee grinned at him.  "Just you wait and see, it'll
work great!"

Jayne scowled down at the table.  "Don't know how I let you talk me
into something this stupid.  It ain't even tactically sound!"

Kaylee patted his hand sympathetically.  "If it helps at all, I'm
pretty sure you can take him."

"It ain't him I'm worried about."  He gestured to the dinosaur in
his hand.  "I just dont think that T-rex's and these other ones with
the long necks is gonna get along."

Kaylee shook her head (and a long neck) at him.  "They's perfect together."

Tags: firefly fic

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