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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Commander, Permission to Bitch

Actually, i was going to complain, but then i got bored. but im keeping the subject line because it makes me laugh.

so, instead, im going to talk about fic reading.

See, ive come to the conclusion that i am a freak when it comes to fic reading.

not that this should surprise you.

but, in chatting with sirkpega and rinalin, i have discovered that my tolerance for general fic stupidity is much lower than other peoples.

for example, i can read ANYTHING, ANY PAIRING, in any of my fandoms, so long as it is well written.

Please reread that last bit.


now, this doesnt mean i go looking for stuff, but if i happen to come across a really awesome Snape/Percy, or other really weird pairing, and it WORKS in context, ill read it and probably enjoy it.

but, it has to make sense, it has to have plot (i cant read PWP for random characters that i have no idea how they would even encounter each other), and it has to be well written.

it doesnt have to be perfect, but it has to be GOOD.

others, i have discovered, have the ability to read ANYTHING, so long as it involves their primary ship.

ANYTHING. even the dreck.

like, at one point, when i was going through a Pitch Black fic era (i wander in and out), krispy sent me a link to a Riddick/Jack story that she was reading and enjoying.

I got to the second chapter, at which point Jack got in the shower to wash her long, luxurious hair (TM) and then started singing an Evenescene song and i was forced to stab my eyes out.

and this isnt an isolated incident.

I cant do it. even if its my very very favorite ship of the moment, if its badly written, im lunging for the back button.

so, my question for you, my lovely flist, is:

Is your tolerance for badfic increased based on preferred ship?
Can you only read fic if it features a certain ship?

Anything else you want to throw in about fic reading habits, please feel free.


I canNOT read poorly-written fic. Even for my OTPs. Bad grammar, bad characterization, bad spelling, and for god's sake FRAGMENTS PEOPLE. Sentence fragments that serve no purpose are my all time pet peeve. I'm a little more forgiving if it's a rare pairing that I really like, but mostly not.

And I'm an equal-opportunity shipper. Unless it's a pairing I absolutely cannot see working (e.g. Mal/Jayne - my anti-OTP) I'll give it a shot. In fact, most of the time, my OTPs become that way because of fic. I'll be "Oh, they seem like they like each other/would have an interesting relationship/have more UST than Mulder and Scully" and then go searching for fic. The fic is usually what convinces me of OTP-ness. Occasionally, I'll read a pairing I wouldn't have thought of, then go back to the source and see it.

I wishwishwish less people would encourage the badfic. Yes, that fic has River and Jayne getting hot and heavy, but the grammar BURNS, and the characters are not the people on the show. *sads*
And "that fic" wasn't in reference to anything particular. Just a general observation.
Is your tolerance for badfic increased based on preferred ship?
I would sadly have to say yes but not by much.

Can you only read fic if it features a certain ship?
I'm fairly openminded when it comes to different ships and like to read new and odd things but there are a few ships I just can't touch ever again.
Hmmm. I'm somewhere in between.

Well written fic, any pairing, no matter how off the wall? I'll read it, if it's quality.

But I'll also read the dredge that is in my OTP. I find that I don't read off the wall stuff unless it's reccomended, or somehow catches my eye. 'Cause I know there's quality stuff out there that I haven't found yet.
I'm actually a cross between what you do. I'm open to new pairings but I can't read any pairings. Some of them are just TOO out there, you know? Crack!fic's fun and all, but there's only so much I can take.

But at the same time, even if it's my absolute OTP, I can't read a fic if it's shite. Even if it's just formatting. That's superficial, I know, but sometimes if someone screws up the formatiting and it's all one big paragraph, I'll abandon it. I read for recreation and I should enjoy what I'm reading. Some pairings can make anything work but some just can't.
Correction to the second sentence: I'm open to new pairings but I can't just read ALL and ANY of them just because they're well written. If I'm not into the pairing then there's no point.
Is your tolerance for badfic increased based on preferred ship?

A little, but a lot less than it used to be. The volume of fic I have the patience to read is a lot lower these days, and my clicky finger is a lot twitchier. If I'm really desperate to read a certain ship, I will lower my standards and read whatever's there, but I'll usually come away feeling frustrated and satisfied.

Can you only read fic if it features a certain ship?

I usually only want to read fic that features a certain ship, because what I want from fic is what I'm currently not getting enough of from the source material. No matter how well written something is, it's hard to get me to read fic for a pairing that doesn't interest me. And if I actively dislike the pairing, I might only read it if it were written by my bestest friend. I don't read as much fic as I used to, by far, and if there's not something there to hook me I usually won't bother. If I'm really in love with a show, I'll sometimes like to read well written gen/canon-compatible stuff, if I can scrounge up the time and attention span.
*sigh* Damn it. The last word of that first paragraph should, of course, be "unsatisfied".
*blush* I confess, I will even read badfic if it features my favorite couple... Or at least, give it a chance. If it's really terrible, I'll generally stop reading. Or at least feel very very guilty afterwards. *g*

I guess I'm just a rabid little 'shipper. I tend to only like to read about couples and characters that I care about.

Although there are some exceptions.

Emily :)
That is me as well, unless a ship or fic is recced to me by one of my long time cyberpals--cause they tend to know my taste.

But if it's posted at Rayneshippers (hell, if it is any Adam character or RPS), it gets read. Period.

'Cause I have this naughty little tendency to re-write the BadFic in my head. Just in case one of them offers it up for re-dux/remix. Cause I WILL F*CKING POUNCE on it. (Unfortunately, it seems the ones who offer up their babies for remix/re-dux are the incredible writers and or the one time the crack!writer got the damn fic right!)

Not that I am any better a writer than they are; it is just that I'd write it badly, differently!
Is your tolerance for badfic increased based on preferred ship?

Absolutely not. If the grammar's so bad that I can barely read it, I'll hit the back button in a flash.

Can you only read fic if it features a certain ship?

I didn't used to be this way, but yes, only if it features my ship of choice. When I started reading Firefly fic, I liked Rayne best of all, but I also read a bit of Jaylee and Mal/River. I eventuallu stopped reading it because those pairing just couldn't hold my interest. Yes, I read some very well written fics with those pairings, but I don't know... I just didn't like those characters paired up. *shrugs* And I don't read slash, so basically in the Firefly 'verse I only read Rayne (and Mal/Inara). If there's Zoe/Wash or Simon/Kaylee in the story, I'll read it too, but as long as the main focus goes towards one of those ships I mentioned. :)
Is your tolerance for badfic increased based on preferred ship?
I would have to say yes, especially if it's a rare pairing where not that much fic is written, then I read pretty much anything I can get my hands on (unless it's REALLY bad) :)

Can you only read fic if it features a certain ship?
I usually have one or two pairings that I mainly read in a fandom, but I'm usually open for new pairings aslong as it's well written and it's a pairing that make sense to me :)
I used to read more in different fandoms. I was willing to try out different pairings, but if it was written by an illiterate child hopped up on stimulants (or seemed to be) then I dropped it. I've stopped reading after a paragraph. Really, why would I want to torture myself that way? Even in my preferred pairings. If they are too OOC or the fic is just *wrong* I'll stop reading. I don't have the time to waste anymore.
Is your tolerance for badfic increased based on preferred ship?

I cut my fic-reading teeth on XFfic, back in the day. I read EVERYTHING, including the bad stuff. It took me a while to figure out that I didn't have to read poorly written fic -- I could choose if I wanted to.

But I read a lot of crap before I got to that point, so now my tolerance is a little low. I've wasted too much time moaning and groaning and correcting with a mental red pencil already. ("Scully would NEVER do that! Arrgh! GET IT RIGHT!!!" or "Mulder ISN'T a hotshot stud with the women crawling all over him -- that's the point! ARRGH!!")

However, I've also learned that you can't expect every story to read as if written by the PTB, so I've learned when to cut people some slack. Plus, I'll gladly take a few grammar errors if the story has me riveted. If we were all professionals, we wouldn't be here, so just enjoy the story for what it is.

Can you only read fic if it features a certain ship?

I like dipping in to other ships here and there -- keeps one from becoming bored with the same ol' thing. I will admit to being less tolerant with other ships then I am with my preferred OTP, but there's plenty of well written stuff out there -- I just look for a rec page when going into a new pairing.

There are pairings I REFUSE to read, of course, no matter how well-written. That's pretty normal, I guess.

Quick question which will make me look like an idiot: Um, what exactly does OTP stand for? I get the gist, but not the exact meaning. Thanks.

*sheepish smile*
hee! OTP stands for "One True Pairing." it is supposed to mean, i think the ONE pairing you love above all others. mostly, its kinda one you can play with, so you can have several OTP's in a fandom.
Is your tolerance for badfic increased based on preferred ship?
Can you only read fic if it features a certain ship?

I have more of a tolerance for not-so-good fic (never bad) in fandoms that don't have much fic at all (like Road to Avonlea or Thunderbirds), but if I just like a pairing, I won't read badfic. The editor in me comes out and I just can't enjoy it if there are too many errors or too much OOCness.

For the most part, I only read ships that I enjoy or in fandoms I love. I don't have a ton of time and I don't really feel the need to waste what time I do have reading ships that I don't care about. Even with authors that I love and admire, I tend not to read stuff that I'm not that into. I
Um, hello. Here via meinterrupted

Is your tolerance for badfic increased based on preferred ship?

No. I can't read badfic even if it's with my favourite pairing, and even if it proports (say, in the header) to hit all of my favourite kinks. I just can't do it. It leaves me feeling a bit queasy.

Now, if it's intentionally badfic, written as a joke, and I'm looking for a good laugh, then that's cool. I'll read that. But I've found over time my tolerance for badfic has dropped. Maybe it's a time thing, at least partially. I don't have a lot of time to read fic, so I tend to skip over things right away if they begin to approach my personal consideration of what 'badfic' is.

Can you only read fic if it features a certain ship?

Nope. I'll read a range of things, although I have my preferences. And there are some pairings I'm not at all interested in, so I tend to avoid those.

just lj-hopping

I can read just about any fic and enjoy it. Unless the fic is so badly written that even I can't enjoy it(and i have hideous grammar and such). There are Some pairings i can't get into (dumbledore/ron, Legolas/bill the pony...) and i do of course have my favorites. Oh and if something is AU, i'm cool. But even then if, as you said, Jack starts going emo, i'm not going to buy it. Riddick/Jack and Riddick/Vaako are my faves in that genre by the way. Agh god i'm babbling. Anyhoo, yes.
Oh, and some crossovers about make me want to stab my brain...oh what was that last one, oh yea Highlander/once upon a time in mexico What the hell!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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