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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Skin and


was fabulous, and not jsut because of the addition of Adam Baldwin to tonight's cast. Yum. but i actually enjoyed the storyline, and without spoiling anything, the Foreigner part had me laughing my ass off and having Angel flashbacks.

i taped it, and will be rewatching.

In related Bones news, somehow off of labnotes, episode 11, The Woman in the Car, didnt download completely last week. If anyone has it (not torrent!), and wouldnt mind sending it, uploading it, emailing it, something, i would massively appreciate it. I dont want to watch episode 12, The Superhero in the Alley, until i managed to get my hands on it. currently, i have one through ten downloaded, and plan to have them ALL until it comes out on dvd.

also, having 32 sudden additional icons is giving me fits of pleasure. i can upload things! that i had to delete!


So, if you got some loyalty icons too, upload some sweet things:

Comment and credit, should you take.


I'm so glad you watch Bones too!! I love it. And about to post about it on my LJ. I haven't downloaded any of the eps (unfortunately) so I can't help you there, but yay!! This is definitely one I'll be rewatching too. I need to find some icons.
icons! we need icons!
I've joined this general bones community: http://community.livejournal.com/206_bones/

And there's one just for icons it looks like: http://community.livejournal.com/bones_icons/

My friend kwistina made some icons! So happy. Didn't know she was watching the show either.
I loved tonight's Bones. I always enjoy the show, but this one was especially good. The Foreigner part was the best.

I don't have that episode, but I can try and download it off bittorrent and then upload it to YSI, if you want.
your icon is fabulous and hysterical and i adore it.

Bree is working on uploading it now for me, so we'll see. if that doesnt work, i might ask if you would.

thanks for the offer!
Hee, when we first saw that Christmas lockdown episode, when that scene came around kelbelle said to me "whoa, look at the SERIOUS dance space invasion." And it was decided that it had to be iconned, so there you go.
I know! I now have 112 icons! *boggles* I am feeling a bit overwhelmed... :)

Emily :)
i probably would feel overwhelmed if i wasnt squeeing and dancing around in excitement over it.
yum *licks lips* those icons are making me hungry..lol
oh, but YOUR icon has milk in it, which helps with the cookies.

and arent they yummy? i keep drooling over them.
*nods* can't have cookies without milk :D

uhuh, soooooo much *drools with you*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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