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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Firefly Ficlet: Cinnamon Heart

This is why spending too much time making icons of candy can do bad things to your brain.

Title: Cinnamon Heart
Author: alianora
Rating: PG
Summery: Sugar is sweet.

“River, what are you doing?” Simon stood in the doorway, watching his sister place a careful line of candies across the floor.

By the look of it, she had been at it for quite a while, as Simon was fairly certain the candy lead all the way up from the cargo bay.

She didn’t answer, just continued lining up peppermints and butterscotch with lemon heads and cinnamon hearts.

Every four hard candies, she would stop, pop a cinnamon in her mouth and place a wrapped chocolate kiss on the floor instead.

“River?” He tried again, stepping over the candies to stand next to her.

She shot him a look that said he was stupid. “I have to have bait, Simon.”

“Bait?” He blinked at the candy covering the floor. “Are we trying to catch something?”

“Yes.” She continued placing the sweets, the line almost reaching all the way across the floor of the mess. “He will follow, and then I will catch him.”

“He? Who are we catching?”

“Me. I’m not planning to share.” She stuffed a peppermint in Simon’s mouth, catching him off guard.

“Ok,” he garbled. “Who are you catching?”


“Oh.” He looked down at the candy curiously. “Does it go all the way to his bunk?”

“Cargo bay. He will be finishing his set with weights in a few minutes.” River smiled. “He has no idea.”

“Um, River, I hate to ask, but…what are you planning to do with Jayne after you catch him?”

River smiled at her brother. “Jayne just finished his set. He likes butterscotch the best.” She sucked on a candy thoughtfully. “Or would he like a kiss?”

Simon felt his heart stop. Or his stomach turn over. One of those. “Oh, please tell me you’re talking about the chocolate.”

River unwrapped a chocolate kiss. She smirked down at it. “You have to throw it back if it’s too small.”

“Oh, God,” Simon sank into a chair. “I think I’m going to throw up.”

“Too many sweets,” his sister said knowingly.



*giggles* This is so cute!
Very funny and so cute! I love these little moments you do. Make me joyful! :D
Awwww! Sweet!

And you know, for some reason, I can totally believe that Jayne likes Butterscotch best. I mean, if I were to pick a candy he'd like best? It would have been butterscotch.
You know, I can so totally see Jayne wandering up from the cargo bay, popping candy into his mouth, stopping each time he sees a new one and picking it up, then getting to the mess and saying (around a full mouth), "Hey, som'un's d'oppin' dere canny." *scarf* Just completely clueless. LOL!

Then of course River pops up, throws her arms around his neck with a butterscotch candy trapped in her teeth and kisses him senseless, so that when they surface for air, he's got the candy in HIS mouth. *cackle!*

Awww...poor Simon...*giggles*
A trail of candy and BOOM! -- ya get Jayne kissage. *sigh*

If only it was so easy.

Wonderful bit of sweetness!
“Oh, God,” Simon sank into a chair. “I think I’m going to throw up.”

“Too many sweets,” his sister said knowingly

-- love this quote!

LOL love it.. brilliant... i like Rivers plan of attack on Jayne... just what he needs after weights... and poor Simon... can't take care of his sis for everything!!!
**giggles** too cute! too cute! thanks for the ficlet...TTFN :)
I don't know who I feel sorrier for. Simon, for knowing what River's gonna do, or Jayne, for not knowing what's going on.
Hee, adorable! Really sweet (heh, no pun intended) idea. :D
Adorable. Way to use all that military strategy implanted in your brain by evil jerk faces, River. Use it for the hotness of Jayne...
OMG I love this so much! I would love to see Jayne following this trail and learning where it might lead, cos you know he would.
River's got him figured out! Jayne would definitely follow a candy trail.

Adorable, and just sweet enough. :)
ZOMG! When I finally got the computer this evening I saw to the request for Roll!Fic or something from the end of "Safe" at rayne_shippers and immediately got a plot bunny. So, I went and wrote that, posted it and then surfed on through my flist. To find THIS.

We have GOT to stop sharing a brain.

'Cause you are clearly getting the better use of it.

me gusta
**snickers** I adore your fics--all of them that I've read (and planning to read more ASAP). I only wish they were longer. I want to see Jayne following the trail of candy.
awww. thank you! and ive written some longer ones - but alot of times, i leave out stuff like that on purpose. :)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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