Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Aminals and Cuteness

so, yesterday, i accomplished MUCH! like, going to the bank, and...and...not working on my remix..

i DID, however, have time to look through gettyimages obsessively, find pics of Gabby, Birdy, and many many animals, because really, how often do you think to look for pictures of lemurs*?

and so, icons!

and two versions of the ostrich:

AND, this little guy, who is a PLUSHIE made at My Paper Crane, and who i desperately NEEEEED if one ever shows up in the store:

He's a S'MORE! and he's not the only adorable plushie over there, so omg, go buy me something! err...sorry, got carried away. go buy YOURSELF something. yes.

Comment, credit, no alterations.

If you take the s'more, please credit me for the icon, and for the plushie himself. pimp this store, people! just LOOK at that little FACE!

*ironically, none of the icons are lemurs.

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