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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Please and Thank You

Sorry for the silence. this week has been...crappy? sucky? wacky? we'll go with wacky.

The Serenty showing with the film discussion group went AWESOME. poppy_carpenter and sirkpega were both there, which was fabulous fun.

a good amount of people (for a film group, i mean) stayed for the discussion, and it wasnt just us geeks! everyone really seemed to enjoy it, and i didnt do anything completely stupid in leading the discussion, as far as i know.

as for the rest of the week? *spits* let us not speak of it again!

long story made extremely short: we do not have a house.

no, we werent looking for a house. no, i dont want to explain the whole twisted mess. but we dont have a house.

in other news, is anyone on the flist still downloading Brisco? i havent heard anything on the last two uploads..which have been taken down, by the way. if you're still interested, drop a line and ill keep uploading. otherwise, nothing.


Sorry, I don't know you, but I have to SQEE about your icon


(Love that movie)
lol. it is a good movie. please feel free to stop by and squee at any time.
I'm still downloading! I have up to episode 8. Is that how far you uploaded so far? I'm pretty sure I caught all of the posts, but just checkin.

Glad your movie discussion went well. Wish I lived closer.
ok, good! i just wanted to check and make sure SOMEONE was. will start uploading 9 here in a bit.

i wish you lived closer too!

*gives you a house*
*clutches keys* thank you! lol.
glad the movie group went well ^_^

and *many tight hugs*
I uploaded episode 8 - but were there others that I missed?!
nope, just didnt hear from anyone on that one at all, and only heard from you on seven, so was just checking interest was still there.

9 is uploading, not sure when it will be posted.
GREAT news. I thought I had commented on every one of your posts with the uploads - I am sorry. I'll check for it tonight when I get home.


Sorry to intrude, but are you talking about the Adventures of Brisco County Jr? Just the other day I was wondering if they had released that series on DVD. If you are uploading episodes I'd definitely be interested.

Re: Brisco?

i have them on avi on my comp, and sadly, can only offer them to a certain number of people, as i host them on my own server.

the Brisco posts are filtered and flocked, but i wanted to make sure no one missed this post asking.

sorry! at some point i might be able to upload them to yousendit, but my net isnt very stable.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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