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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Firefly Fic: Puzzle Pieces (Fun and Games #2)

Title: Puzzle Pieces
Author: alianora
Rating: PG
Series: Fun and Games #2
Summery: He’d gotten used to seeing her most days.

Link to Fun and Games #1: Tall Card

Jayne was sitting at the mess table.


He’d normally be spending time in his bunk, or down in the cargo bay lifting weights, but lately he kept finding himself here.

He shifted so he could see the door a little better, and went back to sharpening Binky.

He weren’t waiting for the girl or nothing. He was just sitting.

Enjoying doing nothing.

He scowled down at his knife. He hadn’t seen hide nor hair of the girl all day.

He weren’t complaining, ‘cause she was awful annoying, with her crazy talk and her climbing all over him and expecting him to do stuff for her.

He had just…gotten used to seeing her most days. Her crazy talk could be kinda soothing, and it weren’t like she could reach the top cabinet where they kept the tea so he guessed he didn’t mind so much doing some stuff for her.

And she hadn’t popped up nowhere next to him all day, and not knowing where she was or what she was up to was making him all kinds of itchy.

He just liked knowing when she was getting into something, that was all.

Like when she climbed up to the tops of the catwalks and refused to come down, saying she was looking for the nest of some bird or something. Doc had finally bribed her down with real chocolate after three hours.

Jayne had just sat at the stairs, keeping an eye on her. ‘Cause knowing her, if she decided to fall, she’d fall either right on top of him, or right in the middle of the cargo bay where nobody could get to her and catch her.

Not that he would try to catch her. She’d probably do it on purpose, to see how fast he could run or something.

He tested the edge of the knife and grunted in satisfaction.

He caught himself glancing at the door again.

Dumb girl was probably locked up in her room drawing or crying or doing something girly.

He slumped onto the table and stabbed at the wood grumpily.

This was stupid.

He had his head resting on the table and was halfway through carving an N when she finally popped up next to him.

Good thing he wasn’t easily excitable or nothing, otherwise he mighta dropped his knife, or jumped a mile, or yelped or something.

None of which he did, no matter how hard the girl beside him was giggling or the fact he had to pry his knife outta the table from where he had jammed it sudden like.

He looked sorrowfully down at the table. His carving was ruint.

He woulda turned to glare at the girl behind him, but she was leaning ‘gainst his shoulder laughing her little ass off.

He sulked and tried to ignore her small hands wrapping ‘round him, one hand coming to rest right above his heart.

“Poor Jayne,” she whispered into his ear, squeezing him tight about the chest for a second.

Her breath across his ear kinda gave him the shivers.

He growled at her over his shoulder, but it didn’t do no good.

He never shoulda started putting up with her. She didn’t take none of his threats seriously anymore.

“What’s this?” He poked at the box she had dropped in front of him when she decided to give him a heart attack.

“Pieces and parts.” She slid down to the seat beside him and opened the box.

“It’s a puzzle.” Jayne turned a piece over in his hand.

She smiled at him shyly. “Will Jayne help her put the pieces back together?” Her eyes were hopeful. She bit her lip, and his belly turned over all strange when she looked up at him like that.

He tried to glare at the box, but she was messing up his insides. “It ain’t a picture of a kitten or nothing girly, is it?”





“Will Jayne help her put the pieces back together?”

I don't know what it is about that line, bit just made me all woobie.
Aww, he's grown accustomed to her face. How very My Fair Lady-ish. Well... not really. But this was so cute! :)
I love how you portrayed Jayne's unwillingly, growing attatchment for River (did that make sense?). Very cute.
Love it!!! this is the sweetest series evah!!! TTFN :)
He tried to glare at the box, but she was messing up his insides.

So dang good!

::Hugggggggles you::
cute :)
awesome. Loving it. I love how Jayne doesn't want to admit that he's waiting on River and how River knows this and can use it to be with him!
It's all good, mate!
Keep em coming.
That is a dear story. Poor Jayne he is really in over his head isn't he. And I loved where River asked if he would 'help put the pieces back together'. I don't think she was really talking about the puzzle...lol
Sometimes I need some sweet Rayne to offset all the angst-y, violent, rough-sexy stuff (that I also savor). Your "Carnival" series is my all-time favorite Fluffy Rayne series. I voted for you!

Thanks so much for continuing it. Your characterization of River, gentle and girlish, is refreshing. I love your puzzled Simon! [giggles}

Only one thing missing: the "big eye thing" River does that turns Jayne into compliant Jello. The way you wrote that in Carnival was just fantastic.

Kudos, Brava, Encore, Way to Go!
Aw. He was all antsy cuz she wasn't around, and then he does things for her. So cute. Loved the bit about River on the catwalks, possibly testing to see how fast he could run. Wouldn't she, though?! Lol
"It ain't a picture of a kitten or nothing girly, is it?"

As if he wouldn't help her anyway. This is a great continuation of Carnival, which I loved.
He had his head resting on the table and was halfway through carving an N when she finally popped up next to him.

I STILL say that's about the most ADORABLE image EVER, only surpassed by absolutely anything River ever does. HEE! *adoration!*
I am so VERY thrilled that you are continuing this story. wonderful chappy. can't wait to read more.
She smiled at him shyly. “Will Jayne help her put the pieces back together?” Her eyes were hopeful.
Hmmm...just the puzzle or more?
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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