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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


Its LIVE and im freaking out!

Homecoming - Firefly Virtual S2 - Episode Four.

Written by myself and rinalin



I only had time to read the first part (must sleep!), but it's awesome. You did great! I still have to read the other episodes, lol. I've had the link saved for a while, but never have the time. Gotta finish your ep first now though. ;)
you never did tell me how you feel about Firefly/Serenity...

but im very glad you enjoyed the first part!

and dont feel bad..i STILL havent finished reading Flying Blind. *facepalm*
Yuh huh. I told you I was in love with it and you sent me links and things. And I've been reading your Wingtip fic here and other Firefly fic that flisters write and am working on getting other people to watch the show ;)
Read it, loved it! You two did a great job! Jayne is such a suck up, lol! 'Course I was a little bitter about River being with someone other than Jayne, but I'll get over it. ;)
Eeee! This was fantastic! *loves*
*beams* you really think so? it was HARD, man! so it is wonderful to hear that.
Would it freak you out more or less to know how much this episode is being enjoyed!

Loved it, myself. Fun Jayne bits (of course he's going to flirt with Kaylee's Mom, and hauling Kaylee back to the ship was perfect.) Kaylee's willingness to give up Serenity for her family, Wash trying to convince Zoe about the dog (Little Gun!) and Zoe not having any of it. Mal's concern for the dogs (how mean of a mean old man are you again?) and Simon's foot in his mouth...until he says the right thing.

"I'm a doctor. It's what I do." I think this has to be one of favorite Simon lines ever.

Loved it.

Would it freak you out more or less to know how much this episode is being enjoyed!

*ponders* im really not sure...less? maybe?

thank you!

although, my favorite Simon line from this ep is the one with Wash involving mimes. *giggle*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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