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FIREFLY: Gotta Walk Soft

Firefly Fic: Wingtip - Round Up Post

Title: Wingtip
Author: alianora
Rating: R
Summery: Ariel AU. Simon gets left behind.
This is, in fact, sort of a Rayne story. But not exactly. *innocent smile*

Massive thanks to michmak for the beta through part 16. Worship for magelette who picked it up from part 17.

Lovingly dedicated to literarylemming, without whom this would not exist. She is responsible for feeding the bunny. All credit (and blame for the crack) goes to her. Im just the messenger.

Prologue/Part One/Part Two
Part Three/Part Four/Part Five
Part Six/Part Seven/Part Eight
Part Nine/Part Ten/Part Eleven
Part Twelve/Part Thirteen/Part Fourteen
Part Fifteen/Part Sixteen/Part Seventeen
Part Eighteen/Part Nineteen/Part Twenty

In Memoriam - Pre-Wingtip. Birdy needs to know who she is.

Sticky. Updated as new chapters are added.


next part should be back from beta tonight!
Psst! You have to add a link to Chappie 13! ;)

And I'm SORRY I wasn't online last night. My internet... went away. I couldn't do ANYTHING. *pout* I only managed to reach tech support this morning! *cling*
ack! i DO need to add a link! i shall do that when i get home.

and oh no! your internet went AWAY?! not fair!

i was so miserable without you! i wrote more Birdy though.


Have you forgotten about Birdy? :(
I just found this story and read through it all in one sitting. Very lovely and heartbreaking at the same time. I eagerly await the next chapter.
Can I marry you now? And since that is probably highly unlikely, I would rather just ask if I can friend you...

And no, I'm not actually a freaky stalker who's going to...stalk you. I just love your fic. :D
HEE! friend away! the marrying thing might have to wait, as i have a husband AND a bad habit of announcing that im going to marry my current favorite fic/pic/image/icon of the moment.

welcome aboard!

and hey, if you get bored, you can stalk too. i dont mind.

Totally unrelated, but...

...I'm d/ling the Torrent of Mammoth so that I can
A) Send you the .avi


B) MAKE VIDS DAMMIT. *facepalm*

Re: Totally unrelated, but...


I blame you
I need more..... :(
Psst! Don't forget to add chapter 16! :)
Please, Please, PLEASE continue this!!!!! Far to beautiful and bittersweet to let sit undone.... Please....

Gushing fan letter....

I tend not to write fan letters -- I feel like I'm some kind of jinx or curse so, go grab a four-leaf-clover or something, just in case...

But I had to tell you, I stumbled across the Carnvial series yesterday completely by accident; compiled it into a word document and printed it so I could read at my leisure, and my honey starts to read it when I get home.

Next thing I know, I'm hearing him laugh out loud! In all of the many, many, many stories I've printed to read, he's only ever liked two -- yes, count them, two -- other stories, and both of them were by Bernice over in Harry Potter fandom. He usually avoids my fan-fiction obsession like the plague -- or like he's going to catch 'girl cooties' or something from them.

But he and I both absolutely adored the Carnival series, and I'm looking forward with much anticipation to the next chapter in Fun and Games.

(worshipful adoration)

You are a fabulous writer!

The Dragoness

PS: saw the post about having a baby fanfic author on the way -- many, many congratulations! My honey and I have been hoping for a baby for several years now, so I'm incredibly envious (and at the same time happy for) anyone I meet in this wonderful, frightening, wonderfully-frightening situation. Best of luck to all three of you (you, your baby, and your honey)!

Send some of those baby germs my way! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!!!! *hands you chocolate cake*
Thank you! *buries face in cake*
*lol* you are too cute ^^
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Here's yours:

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hey, thanks! ill keep it in mind when i get paid! :)
This is a wonderful story! Thank you and please keep writing.

more wingtip?

hi just in the neighbourhood and was wondering if you had ever posted the last 5 chapters of wingtip. in the last roundup post you mentioned that there were only 5 to go.
on behalf of the eagerly awaiting fans?!?!
Please? pretty please with candy on top??

Re: more wingtip?

it is my goal for this year to FINISH WINGTIP.

i have bits of the next several parts written, and i know where it's going, i've just been extremely blocked. dont give up on me, yet. :)
I guess you gave up on this, huh? Too bad. It coulda been something good.
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