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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Firefly Ficlet: Deep and Low

Title: Deep and Low
Author: alianora
Rating: R
Summery: several_ways challenge #2: several ways to make love
Rayne, as usual.


He had been sitting at the table, cleaning his girls and his knives and his toys, and she had sat down beside him.

He ignored her. Or tried to.

She watched him, large dark eyes studied his movements.

It made him uncomfortable.

When she reached out to touch one of the guns, it was instinct to cover her hand with his.

She looked down at his hand over hers.

One, she said. Her smile was faint, but her eyes were almost laughing.


Salt and copper and anger on the edge of her tongue as she was knocked backwards.

He didn't understand, none of them did, and she spent the next three days in a haze of medication.

Her tongue was difficult to move, but she tried to explain in slurred words that she needed to know.

She needed to see his insides, to understand him.

Two, she slurred into her pillow.


He lifted weights in the cargo bay, and she floated down to watch him.

Muscles tightened as he lifted, and she was fascinated by the motion in his bicep.

He danced for her, and pretended not to know she was watching.

She saw his mouth move, and knew he was counting.

Three, he grunted.

She smiled for him, but he didn't see.


He always swore when he came back wounded.

He was red and black and pain to her ear, as she listened to him cuss at her brother and their captain.

He said he hated her, which had nothing to do with the men who shot him. Her brother just bandaged him carefully, and asked how many men were killed.

Four, she mouthed with him, his voice low and deep.

She shivered at the sound.


His dreams were full of women and guns and Reavers, and always smelled a little of sex.

She carried a flower in one hand, a peace offering, but he didn't even stop to look at it.

He just grabbed her around the waist, and told her, even as he ran his tongue over her collarbone, that he didn't like skinny little girls with no breasts. His hands were rough and callused and she was bare to him and his bed was covered in pictures of her.

She smelled roses and traced the Greek alphabet on his spine with her fingers as he leaned her backwards, mouth hot on her neck.

How many women have you loved? She managed to ask, words slipping from her mind as he slipped into her.

His voice was deep, and she could feel it in her belly, although she couldn’t hear it.

Five, he told her inner thigh. Five. And you.





It's not cracked at all. It's very River. That she would count the ways andt he sensations and he loves her. I just adore the ways you wrote this. With each of the five senses and building from that it's just... perfect!

*dances you*


damn. I mean, really. Very artful (is that a word?) and the flow is liquid smooth. Excellent presentation.

Wow. That is an amazing piece. One that you can feel in the gut, you know?

I envy your understanding of the characters, especially River.

Beautiful. Thank you!
*worships you*

That is one of the most...I dunno how to describe it. I FELT it, ya know? Visceral-- I think that is the word.

(and will be getting "The 5 Other Women Jayne Has Loved"--series??? *begs*)
OMG This is sooo cool. Like someone else said above, you feel it in your gut!

BTW LOVE your new banner
Wow. Just, wow. That was very nice. :)
*fans self* Nice. :) Like the new header too.


Brilliant.. love how you wrote it like prose... it really touches you deep... very deep... *sigh*
My first time commenting though I've been lurking.
I loved this, its so like both of them.
I've been lurking for a while, but I had to comment on this one. It was beautiful and graceful and wow!
"Five. And you." That line brought to mind the idea of a sixth sense, though I don't know if I can explain how my crazy brain thought of it...
Nicely done! *bows at your feet* :)

Have I mentioned lately...how very much... I LOVE YOU?

*worships you!!!*
wow. that was really cool. i like the way it flowed all together with the senses and the counting. but i'm really curious who the five were :)
I didn't leave feedback before, because I suck, but I just can't get this fic out of my brain, which is a good thing.

Example of how much I adore this fic : My roomate constantly gives me hell for reading fic, believing it to be a waste of brains and time. Well, I sat her ass down and said, "ok, smarty pants, read this." NOW she gets it, because this is undeniably well written and hot to boot. So there you go, the best compliment being a big ass naysayer eating her words.
Just thought I'd mention that.

Thanks for this and keep writing please! I really like everything you put out there.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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