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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

River and Birdy

Everyone's suggestions for who Birdy really is are so very entertaining!

for my own amusement, a poll!

Poll #670645 Wing Typical

Who is Birdy?

River with amnesia
River's clone
River's long lost twin sister
I dont know, and its making me CRAZY
I dont know, and i STILL dont care

in case you are curious, yes, i AM posting from work, which is a major no no. but, its also my last day here.

what are they going to do? fire me?


I'm going to qualify this with River's body, but letting River's memories somehow die so that Birdy can live a saner life.

I love you. Just lots and lots and lots. I don't really know for sure. But, I can't believe that River's dead. I just can't.
...YOU dont know?!

im..shocked. seriously. i thought i had told you.

..or maybe i started to, figured out that you really didnt care as much as i did. and then i stopped babbling to save your sanity.


but now i WONT tell you. just to be evil. cause its fun.

You were going to tell me?!?! I--I-- don't know what to say.

*heart breaks*
ooh! nifty icon!

I didn't vote. I don't like any of your choices. I think it's River creating a new life for herself. I don't think it's amnesia, since she says she remembers what happened. I think the comment "River is buried by the river" or "she's buried with her boots on" means that she figuratively buried that aspect of herself because she wants to leave it behind. Birdy is a safer alternative to be, and it's one that most likely kept them out of trouble for the past two years.
the choices offered were all things that had been suggested or wondered about by readers...not necessarily the "right" one.

and im so not commenting on your theory. so very not.
true, i never did actually mention my theory to you. tho I personally think the not-commenting is telling. or have I been reading too many HP fourms about JKR's not-commenting? :)

It really is a fun story so far.
im currently not commenting on ANY theories. mainly because its much more fun for me to keep people wondering..but im evil.

and thank you~ im glad you are enjoying it and the crack that inspired it.
cracktastic stories are FUN. and especially where mysteries are allowed to develop over time and it keeps you guessing. :)
To comment on my "I don't know and it's making me CRAZY" response. I think she's River, but in order to keep herself safe and healthy (both physically and mentally) without the aid of her brother's drug treatments she developed another persona for herself as a sort of shield against what they'd done to her. It happens with trauma patients a lot, the brain forgets painful things in order to maintain their own well being.
1. That icon is awesome!

2. Dude, I bet you'll see what has the least votes and that's what you'll do in the story, won't you? WON'T YOU?!? Hehe, just kidding. I'm not gonna vote, b/c I agree with what someone else said. I think it's River, but she doesn't have amnesia. *shrug* Can wait to read the real answer though!

Completely unrelated, because I KNOW the answer...

...but I just had to say, OMG GORGEOUS NEW LAYOUT! *dies*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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