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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


My day...was very very monday.

in other words? YUCK.

i was doing ok, bebopping along to whatever, as no annoying clients had come in, and i had rescued the radio from being stuck on jesus music all day.

but now. blergh.


-I got my remixredux assignment today, and first i was terrified, as limited number of stories and only one pairing, but then i read one and i can totally totally do this. yay!

i also noticed that many people i know are playing along this year, which is completely awesome.

-Wingtip part six is not back from beta, so those of you who are threatening to beat me with shovels will just have to wait. and i mean that in the most evil way possible.

its funny. i HATE posting WiPs, because i totally know how it feels to fall in love with a story and then wait and wait and wait and then its never finished. but at the same time, im totally giddy about how many responses im getting and how many people seem to care!

for those of you who care: the parts im posting have BEEN written for a while. im currently writing part..ten or something. so the whole every day posting thing will stop soon. sadly.

i also think im probably being very annoying to rin, mich, and mnemosyne, as they have to listen to me agonize over whether to post, or wait..and if people will like it, and omg i suck...you know, the usual.

-Rinny and i finished our episode for next week's freedom_is_what, and its in final edit mode, and im so glad we're done, because it kicked my ass from here til thursday.

-House S1 has now been seen, and i want fic. i adore cameron, and her crush on the snarky master himself, and i want fic. chase is way too pretty and i want fic. wilson is adorable and i want fic. do we see the theme going on here?

-in some odd combo of my rewatching of early SG1 and my participation in the Vagina Monologues, i find myself wanting to write a fic where Sam and Janet take Cassie out to celebrate her getting her period. and Jack is all curious, and Sam has to explain what they are doing, and then he gets all flustered, but that isnt important. what is important is the female chorus. *nods*

no really, this makes sense. and might be something i cant resist doing...


My day has likewise been very, very Monday.

But, it will be improved because I'm going to get my Serenity tattoo today! SQUEEEEEEE! I will be home afterwards.

I got my Redux assignment and was scared to open the email, because what if I got fic that, like, sucked? So I waited (and angsted like I do) and finally opened it. Did a little research and had like a billion ideas.

Work? Who works?

I am tres excited. And you didn't annoy me at all with the Birdy-dilema of posting or not. Amused. Besides, you saw owe me annoying behavior to make up for all of mine from The Chosen, alone.
For Cameron/House fic: rx_only. The great majority of the fic there is good.


Sorry about the shovel threat. I didn't mean to make it sound like I was gonna beat you up with one.

It was supposed to inspire "I've got a .45" from someone...and the shovel was to "get rid" of the evidence! (Clueless quote by Cher's dad)

Can you do me a favor? I need that plot bunny "taken care of", if you know what I mean. *points to icon*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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