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Evidently, its WiP amnesty week. or something. the time of the year when you release your WiPs that will never be finished into the wild to mingle with their own kind.

Have some. multi fandom.

Charlie and Liam. didnt like how it was going. still like the idea.

Title: Two Steps Sideways
Author: alianora
Summery: Charlie has always followed in his brother’s footsteps.

Even when he was barely walking, he has always been right behind him.

His mother insists he called his brother, “Lee,” because that is as close as he could get to Liam. She says he would toddle after his big brother, crying “Lee! Lee!” as Liam climbed onto the school bus.

Most of the time, he still felt like that.

He was constantly following his brother, getting left behind as Liam climbed into a friend’s car, or into a band, or into drugs, or into life.

No matter how hard he tries, he can’t keep up.

The piper pipes, and he follows, but he is the crippled kid in the story. The one who wants so much to go, but just can’t, and ends up left behind and crying.

This time, though, Charlie is fairly sure he is a step or two sideways, and not behind anymore.

And although Liam has never been stranded on an island with polar bears and jedi knights and pretty pregnant girls, Charlie still asks himself how Liam would handle the situation.

Liam would be kinda like Jack, he thinks.

Liam would smile and crack a joke, and people would laugh.

Liam would know how to change bandages and deliver babies and shoot polar bears and kick drugs.

He would probably be able to throw knives with Locke, beat the kid at backgammon, and out sexy Sawyer.

Not that he thought Sawyer was sexy or anything.

And while he knew Liam wouldn’t be able to do half that stuff, the worshipful little brother inside him has never been able to get his brain around the fact that Liam doesn’t know everything.

So here he was, without his brother even here, still trying to walk in his footprints.

i still like this one, and might play around with it still. just got stalled and..cant make myself write Mal well enough to deal with the others. its a Five Things based on Safe. only this part is written.

Title: Streams, Glaciers, Oceans
Author: alianora (aliaspiral)
Fandom: Firefly
Summery: Five Things story, all spanning from what COULD have happened if Serenity hadn’t come back when they did at the end of Safe.

1. Eddies

It had been easy enough to track them down, in the end. There were whispers all over the planet of the doctor.

It made his trigger finger itch. And not in a good way.

Because, while there were whispers, there were no stories. Nothing concrete, nothing he could identify as being a problem.

Hell, he had written the doc off when they landed at that Alliance outpost with the Sheppard bleeding all over everything.

He had meant to come back, sure. But after the Preacher died, the Alliance decided to hassle them, and Serenity had to run.

So, it really wasn’t his fault that a couple of years had gone by before he made his way back to this planet. Without the cows this time, fortunately. The hull still smelled like manure if you stood in the right place.

But when they set down here, Kaylee had been biting her lip like she did when she was nervous, and Zoe had made a mild comment about “us needing a medic, sir.” So here he was, looking for whatever Podunk town had stolen the doc and his crazy sister.

And finding nothing but some uneasy looks and careful words about how “he’s a good man when you’re dying.”

Well, yeah, that’s what a doc is for. But he hadn’t survived this long without some good instincts. And those instincts were screaming at him something awful.

He weighed the idea of Kaylee’s puppy eyes to the creepy crawlies running up his back, and gorram it all if that girl didn’t win.

So he kept looking.

And eventually he made it to the edge of nowhere, and walked himself into a dusty little town.

Didn’t look like anyone live here. At least, not in a while.

Those creepy crawlies were moving something fierce right about then, but he shook them off, and kept walking.

The further he got into what was left of the village, the more uncomfortable he was.

“She said you would be back.”

He whirled, gun half outta his holster, but the doc had already turned around and gone back into one of the half standing houses. He blinked. “Doc?”

“In here. It’s time for lunch.”

He followed slowly into the shack.


This next one has no chance. i have no handle on Lily whatsoever. its really not my fault. and seriously, i cant even remember where i was going with the Remus section, except that im pretty damn sure it was dirty.

Title: Five Things Lily Never Said
Author: alianora
Fandom: Harry Potter

One thing Lily Evans never said was goodbye.

Petunia stood waving and waving at the train that was taking her big sister away. Lily had been so excited since she got her letter that Petunia had barely seen her in the past few weeks.

She had been left behind when her parents took Lily to Diagon Alley to buy her school supplies. Petunia had stayed with a neighbor, and the neighbor's daughter had called her a freak and a baby when she said where her sister had gone.

When she went crying to the neighbor, all she got was a lecture on not making up fairy stories.

And when her parents and Lily returned, Petunia wanted to tell them about the cookies and the tea party and the hurt feelings, but Lily just wanted to talk about wizards.

The next few weeks were filled with Lily getting ready to go to the new school. Their mother spent a lot of time trying not to cry at how far away Lily would be.

Petunia spent a lot of time trying to make Lily a going away present.

Lily just spent a lot of time in her room.

And the last day, when Lily was rushing around packing, and Mother and Father were yelling at each other to hurry up, Petunia had waited in the car, with a crayon drawing clutched in one hand.

Petunia had shoved it into Lily’s hand right before the train was about to leave. A thrown away “thanks” was her response.

Lily had hugged her father, kissed her mother, and ran for the train.

Petunia waved until the train was gone. Until she found a crayon picture wadded up next to a trashcan.


Two things Lily Evans never said were goodbye, and thank you.

Remus considered this as attempted to sneak past James late one night.

Lily had asked, yes, but she had taken it as a given that Remus would be willing.

And he was.

But going around one of his best friends in order to help her was a little much. Especially when said best friend slept in the next bed over and had a bad habit of talking in his sleep

And what this best friend said while he was asleep was probably enough to get him arrested in several different countries.


One last one, again HP. This started out as last year's remixredux, but it didnt flow for me. i like the style, but i couldnt tell the story.

Title: Static (The Scavenger Hunt Remix)
Summery: Time keeps slipping away into the future
Fandom: Harry Potter
Spoilers: OotP
Original story: Sticky by Edna Krabapple

Time is an elusive concept. Its tricky, and you cant always trust yourself to know when you are. You might think you are in today, but its possible you slipped and went to yesterday instead, and then you are watching a grown man desperately grasp at shards of memories.

I learned my lessons about time the year of the time turner.

Professor McGonagall had warned me that it would be disorienting, but she had never used one, so I don’t think she actually understood the problem.

Using a time turner once, changing the past once, is mildly confusing, but it can be done, and then you can laugh about it later.

Changing the past more than once is where things get complicated.

I could go back one day, or one week, and I could do it again and again.

It was a little addicting.

I could go back and tell myself to rewrite that line in my Charms work, or leave a note for myself to watch and make sure that Neville doesn’t add the salamander eggs too soon in Potions.

Well, if he does/did/will do, I have to help clean it up and it ruins my favorite jumper. Or ruined, or will ruin, maybe, depending on when I am.

Do you see the problem?

If something happens, or doesn’t happen, and I was there to either do it or stop it, and then went back and changed it, does that mean my memory of it happening is still true?

The slippery thing about time, is how it affects your memories.

So, I go and change that line in my Charms essay before I have turned it in, and I don’t get a lower grade than I like. Did it still happen, if I remember it?

I woke up late one night last summer, when Ron and Harry and I were all staying at Grimmauld Place, and when I went downstairs, Sirius Black was sitting in front of the fireplace.

(Did he really? Or is this another trick of time?)

We talked, or we didn’t, depending on when I remember it.

When I woke the next morning, I wasn’t sure.

But I remember it happening.

We talked about memory, and time, and the tricks they play.


There. something to amuse you while i work on cleaning up the next bit of Wingtip.


Alsoalso wick: Massive squeeing over the noms at The Strawberries and the Rayne Awards. MASSIVE. *flails* THANK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE!

One more thing!

LOOK AT MY AWESOME ICON! Bow down to rinalin! and its based on my crackiest of crack fic. my "River writes Nano" story. *facepalm* my insanity is catching, it seems.

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