Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

A Day With No Fandom

Is a sad sad day..which is MY day.

Shush, dont tell, but i really shouldnt be updating right now, as OMGBUSY and OMGWORK. however, i just found out my co-worker is ill, so im taking her shift tonight, which is OMGYAYMONEY and OMGNOLOST!

so, im happy and sad for me. yes.

however, things to do, fandomwise, in listverse.

-rinalin's birthday fic, which only needs another few paragraphs

-read Heart and Soles, freedom_is_what new episode, which i cant WAIT to read

-write my own damn episode, which is due in two weeks. ACK.

-edit the first couple of parts of the Brain Eater Ariel AU (still being called Wingtip. lets see if it sticks), so i can start posting that bad boy. even though it isnt done and my own personal beliefs about not posting WiPs is sending me screaming for the hills.

-avoid the urge to sign up for River and 22_lovers, even though i have ideas and stuff.

Speaking of River and 22_lovers, i DO have a fic im going to write, as soon as i can get home and write and watch yesterday's Gilmore and tonight's (and last weeks and the weeks before) Lost, involving Dr Mathias and Such Good Work and how he loves River because she means he is right. Or something. But its cool and fun, and yet another story inspired by the R Tam sessions, which i really need to stop rewatching.

i think it goes without saying that this would be another scrambled weird twisted fic. which really, y'all should know by now is my favorite kind of fic. however, still not signing up for 22_lovers and you cant make me.

where was i? oh, right, list-making

-start on the Carnival sequel, which will be set up over at least a month, instead of one night, and will include the crew at times. Mainly because i want to see Simon sitting there shaking his head in confusion.

also, one thing that no one has mentioned regarding Carnival that amuses me greatly.

I do not refer to River as anything but "the girl" through the whole series. this makes me laugh more than you can possibly imagine. of course, i might have to deal with that in the sequel, which means i have to come up with something for Jayne to call her. And it wont be "Crazy."

actually, i might see how long i can go without him calling her anything. i like that better.

-write the next two parts (and final two parts and you wont get more so get used to it) of the Dancing with Dragons series. which is my Charlie/Gabby series set during Goblet of Fire, and it consists of a tiny french girl and a man who only speaks english. they bond over dragons. its very cute and makes me want to pinch the teeny Gabrielle's cheeks. and Charlie's, but thats a different set of cheeks and a whole world of nevermind.


Alas, i must to go. please think of me while you are swooning over Lost. I would hate you, but i cannot. Woe.

EDIT: Please add the random Lost ficlet ive had in my email drafts to the list of things to finish. its called Collector, and its been there since September. Oh, yes, i am the slacker.

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