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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

2005 Fic Round Up


Fandoms: 10
Total Stories: 60
Total Drabbles: 15


-Everyday Heroes - Jayne-centric, PG
-A Handful of Beans - River, R
-All Throw Confetti - Jayne/River, Drabbles, G
-Beautiful Destruction - Jayne, Zoe, PG13
-Blasted - Jayne, River, PG13
-Drabbles: Prehistoric, Spin Cycle, Swimming Lessons - Zoe/Wash, Simon/Kaylee, Jayne/River, G
-Backseat Driver - Jayne/River, PG
-Broken Like Dolls - Jayne, River, R
-Strum - Jayne, Drabbles, PG
-Heat Lamp - Petey, Drabbles, PG
-Take Two Fuzzy Navels and Call Me in the Morning - Jayne/Kaylee, PG13
-Getting Fuzzy - Jayne, River, PG13
-Raised Right - Jayne/Kaylee, R
-Rooted - Petey, Drabbles, PG13
-Monkey Business - Jayne/River, PG
-Two Step - Jayne/River, PG
-Hen House - Crew, PG13
-Once Upon a November - Jayne/River, R
-Tea Cup - Jayne, Kaylee, Drabbles, G
-Carry - Jayne-centric, PG13
-Slippery When Wet - River, Kaylee, Jayne, R
-Finders Keepers - Kaylee, Jayne, R
-Women's Intuition - Jayne, Crew, PG13
-A Letter a Year, Never Too Old, Going Visiting - Jayne, Christmas drabbles, G
-Carnival Series (10 stories) - Jayne/River, PG


-Selfish - Sha-Boone, NC17
-Take My Picture - Walt, PG13
-Don't Pick the Flowers - Petey, PG13
-Burning Bridges - Walt, PG13
-We All Fall Down - Sawyer, PG13
-The Gardener - Petey, PG13
-Seven of Cups - Claire, PG13
-Pushing Up Daisies - Petey, R
-Covet - ShaBoone, NC17
-Football Carry - Charlie/Claire, PG
-Looking After - Shannon, Boone, Drabbles, G
-Eyes Closed -ShaBoone, Drabbles, R

Harry Potter:

-Excuse Me, That's My Stapler - Siruis/Remus, PG13
-Dust of Broken Hearts - Snape, PG
-Sky High - Fred and George, PG
-Color Coordinated - Hermione, PG
-Dragon Tamer - Charlie/Gabrielle, Pendragon, G
-To Catch a Dragon - Charlie/Gabby, Pendragon, G
-Letter By Letter - Charlie/Gabby, Pendragon, G
-Yours, Charlie - Charlie/Gabrielle, Pendragon, G
-Horntail Hornpipe - Charlie/Gabby, Dragon Dance, G
-Waltz of the Welsh Green - Charlie/Gabby, Dragon Dance, G

Gilmore Girls:

-All the Things He Can't Remember - Luke, PG13
-Broken - Luke, PG
-Not Underwear, or, Panties Optional - Luke/Lorelai, NC17
-A Stacked Deck - Lorelai, Rory, PG
-Have Dessert First - Luke/Lorelai, NC17


-Came Back Wrong - Spike, Drabbles, G
-The Bosses Chair - Hamilton, PG13
The Conference Table - Hamilton/everyone, R
-Coffee, Tea, or Me - Harmony, PG13

One Offs:

Bulletproof Monk:
-Jaded - Jade, PG13

Xmen Movieverse:
-Deep in Your Shadows - Rogue, PG13

-Birth - Angela, PG13

Sky High:
-Fortune Teller - Warren/Layla, Drabbles, G

Stargate SG1:
-Ground Cover - Petey, Drabbles, PG

The Meme:

My Favorite Story of This Year:

*clutches heart* i have to CHOOSE? In all honesty, my favorite to write was probably Backseat Driver (Firefly), because i giggled through the whole thing.

My Best Story This Year:

Beautiful Destruction (Firefly), hands down. It was one that just flowed out of my head, and what's on paper was almost entirely how it worked in my head.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

Probably We All Fall Down (Lost), because i think that it works, and it paints a darker picture of the island, for all that its very short.

Most Fun Story:

To write? To read? Im going with Hen House (Firefly). Because there can never be enough boy bonding fic in the Firefly verse.

Most Sexy Story:

Either Selfish (Lost) with all its bad wrongness, or Not Underwear, or, Panties Optional (Gilmore Girls), due to counter sex.

Story with Single Sexiest Moment:

Slippery When Wet (Firefly), when Jayne drops the towel. *drools*

Hardest Story to Write:

Raised Right (Firefly). I dont write long and plotty very often, and adding in the Jaylee idea to the mix made it harder.

My yuletide fic, Birth (Constantine) was also very difficult, as I knew what i wanted, but the getting it onto paper really wasn't working. Im still not entirely happy with it.

"Holy Crap, That's Wrong even for You!" Fic:

Covet (Lost), hands down. Dude, shes thirteen! Boone shouldnt be looking at his baby sister like that! *dies* However, i love the way it turned out.

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:

Everyday Heroes (Firefly). It helped me put the Mudders on Canton is a bit more perspective.

Biggest Disappointment:

Football Carry (Lost). Cheesiness of all cheesy, even for me. I like it ok, but even i was gagging at the sugar.

Biggest Surprise:

Women's Intuition (Firefly). I struggled some with this one, as there IS a serious charge leveled against Jayne, and i didnt really deal with it. But people seemed to like it, and no one brought up the fact that, "this isnt a funny topic to approach."

Most Telling Story:

Err. Im not even sure what this means. I think that Carnival probably is the most telling of my opinions of Jayne. And why he and River could work, dammit.

What's Next?:

Im currently head down in finishing up the first of my three episodes for freedom_is_what, the Firefly Virtual Season 2. Ive also got a half written fic based on the R Tam sessions, the Fic That Is Eating My Brain (BIRDY!), and a random Rayne porn. I also find myself, oddly, wanting to write Dogma fic, for some reason.

Fic will continue to be written, as i might shrivel up and die otherwise. But I also icon, make art in the real world, and have to make a living. So there is all of that, too.


That is a lot of stories. Good job, alia.

Guess what I'm watching RIGHT NOW?
Dude. DUDE. I've watched 10 episodes already today and I can't stop. This is all your fault. :P OMGBESTSHOWEVER!
*cackles* TOLD YOU!

NOW! do you need the extended gag reel? the R Tam sessions? any vids? fic recs? *hops excitedly*

who do you love? whose your favorites?
OMG, I need everything. *begs*

I'm going to force myself to go to bed instead of staying up to watch these last few episodes. And then I'm watching them in the morning. And then reading all of your fics that you just compiled into a nice post! And then I'm so buying Serenity this week. And omg why didn't I do this sooner instead of 2 days before I go back to school?!

I love everyone. I think my favorite is Kaylee just 'cause she's so cute. And I know your love for Jayne so I've paid extra attention to him. But seriously, everyone rocks. So hard. I love it all.

I can kill you with my brain.
*cackles* TOLD YOU. TOLD YOU>

Glow Archive - one of the best fic archives. i dont archive here because im lazy and dont like to save things as text files.

Can't Take the Sky - Screencaps and transcripts and tons of things.

Session 416 - Session 416, the whole of the R Tam sessions. DOWNLOAD THESE NOW> Viral marketing campaign for Serenity, only found online.

Vid Archive - tons o' vids. you have to search, but some great stuff here.

Some cast interviews

Sci Fi Special - 30 minute promo that aired on Sci Fi. Let me know if this one doesnt work, as its on my server.

Firefly Extended Gag Reel - *giggles helplessly* you need this.

Hmm..there are some of the things i consider basics..i have many more fic pages, so let me know if you need help finding any.

Also, there is an easter egg on the Firefly dvds. on the fourth disc, beside gag-reel, i think, press left twice. *giggles*
My Favorite Story of This Year:

*clutches heart* i have to CHOOSE? In all honesty, my favorite to write was probably Backseat Driver (Firefly), because i giggled through the whole thing.

have to agree with that one, though all your Rayne stories were great.
ohh, that's a lot of stories, I def. have to chack that list out closer ^_^
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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