Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Dear Ma

OMG I LOVE YOU ALL IVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH. *squishes flist and lj and everybody everywhere*

im back in the land of cold, which ordinariily i wouldnt be celebrating, as i dont LIKE cold, but im home and i have cats and my own stuff and this is full of goodness.

i have much much to tell you, only i am wildly exhausted and am about to go face down onto my keyboard, which would leave you boring posts that say OGHJDKDBHSJHGDFBNDWHSUKDNMFBFMK.

which wouldnt be very interesting to read.


i start with the fact that the yuletide page is up and the stories this year are AMAZING. there is a drabble offer meme wandering around for people who want to guess what i wrote..if you want, sure, take a guess. if you get it right, ill write you a drabble in that fandom. also, i owe recs, because OMG SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. the Slave Bear of Care O Lot is to be avoided if you want your childhood to remain intact. just so you know. and yes i read it and i think its hysterical and wrong, but there you go.

my recepiant seemed to really like my efforts, and ive gotten several other comments and my story has shown up on one recs list, which made me squee and wiggle in excitement.

recs will go up sometime this weekend..probably before the first, when names are attached to stories.

i plan to hopefully finish Carnival completely over the weekend. both remaining parts and the epilogue. i dont know if they will be ending this year or starting next, but i want them finished. although, then i will have to spend all available time flailing over finishing mine and Rin's freedom_is_what episode, not to mention the Fic That Has Eaten My Brain. I plan on posting a teaser for that baby soon, just to keep me moving once i hit 15,000 words on it. *dies*

plus, i have Rayne porn bunnies. save me.

My dear boy,

I hope you are well and that you get this soon in your travels.

Thank you for the credits you forwarded. They have helped, as Mattie is still sick with the damp lung.

I made you the enclosed to keep you warm in your travels.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Your Mother

My sister is a bloody rock GOD of a knitter. WHEEEE! and scarily? it took me until getting to the part about Mattie being sick with the damp lung in the letter before i realized what was in the bag. I LOVE MY HAT.

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