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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Drive It

Quick post, just so everyone knows my life, because i know you all lie awake in bed at night thinking, "i wonder what alia is up to."

dont bother denying it, you totally do it.

anyway, am in GA for the holiday of your choice, and will be mostly out of touch for about a week. i have SOME time to read the flist, but im SURE i miss things, so dammit, if you fic in my fandoms, drop me a comment so i can read it!

also, yuletide story was finished, rough beta'd (although how much my husband picked up from the source material is anyone's guess), and uploaded well before the midnight deadline. im very proud.

im still not completely sold on how it flowed, but its too late to fiddle now.

Also, my husband is the best thing ever, and bought me SERENITY to watch on the plane here! we've seen it twice! and i found the fruity oaty bar featurette! anybody found any other easter eggs?

and then the sir and i got into a meta discussion over how the main character was really the Operative, because he's the one who changed the most and "belief" and stuff. and then my sister walked in halfway through our second viewing and we had to try and explain what the hell was going on.

anyway! i adore you all, have a wonderous Chrismahanakwanza Fiestivus Celebration, and ill see y'all on the flip side of the year with my 2005 fic roundup and possibly, video clips of alia as a very small thing.

*blows kisses*


I DO wonder what you're up to. I totally just finished watching Joss's DVD commentary...and believe me when I say "don't bother". It was terrible.


He waxes poetic about lighting and camera lens for half the movie. HALF. The other half is practically gibberish regarding god knows what aspects of the film industry that no one but those IN the film industry give a rats ass about.


Uh, yeah... so I was teensy bit disappointed by it.

Come home soon! I miss you!
*jumps up to catch kisses*

AND OF COURSE I wonder where you are and what the HELL you think you are doin' since you ain't been commentin' and I ain't seen no fic-posts recently (dialogue simply must be imagined with me doing the "chicken head"). Well, there ain't been as many as you seem to USUALLY spout, anyway...and I was actually starting to CRAVE some.

My addiction to yours and litlemming's fics has blossomed into full blown CRACKHEAD demensions. 'K, thanks...really 'preessh it.

And umm..."am in GA for the holiday".

Would that be "you are in the Peach State?" If "yes"...Where'bouts? 'Cause that's where I hitchhiked from over 6 years ago (and where I went to HS, college, LawSch, etc.); That is the state in which I was reared, and where I resided for almost 26 years of my life.

I only miss the "bigness" and downhome/metropolitan flavor/feel of it. *heh* Non-Californian F*cking Tourist's out here think VEGAS is a "big city". WTFEVAH.

Glad YOU got one of the "good ones" and that your male seems to be making you happy lately. Lucky Bitch. He got any brothers?

At any rate...get your ass home soon! Or else-- make sure you don't neglect your darling, devoted, dedicated (demented?) fangirls, 'K?

*separation anxiety attack*
why yes, i AM talking about the Peach State. T'is the state i grew up in, you know.

at this moment, i am firmly ensconced under the Big Sign in the Carpet Capital of the World, Dalton, Georgia.

Its all very exciting. there is errands to run, and computers to set up for my grandfather and trips to the cemetary to make.


so, where in the Peach State were you reared and went to HS, College, LawSchool, etc - hmm? as i did not know you were from my home state either!
Grew up in Lawrenceville/Lilburn (18+ years)

College at UGA (Athens) and LS at GaState downtown.

Lived in Roswell, Alpharetta, Norcross, Dunwoody, Tucker and Chamblee at various times as well...

*still boggled at smallness of the world*
*blows kisses back to you!*

Oh dahling, I'm so giddy to see your post! :D I'm sorry I haven't gotten to email you any stories of ficlets -- I've been sick. *makes sick face* I'm hoping to get SOMETHING to you before Christmas!

I hope you're having fun in GA!

dont bother denying it, you totally do it.

*says nothing*



*pointing to your icon* BIRDY!

Re: PS

*points at your icon squeeing* BIRDY!!

Re: PS


*tacklehugs you!* Of course you comment just as I'm heading to bed. ;) Silly goose! Have sweet BIRDY dreams! :D
Hey Alia! Have fun in Georgia! (That IS GA, right? *g* )

You have a lovely holly-day yourself! *huggles*

Emily :)

I think someone got me Serenity for Christmas - but I won't know for sure for a bit yet. I'll be sure to look for easter eggs and I think it's great that you've been enjoying it.
Merry Christmas!


*SNUGGLES!* Merry Christmas, dahling!

PS --

In case you don't get over to rayne_shippers:

Christmas with the Cobbs

merry Christmas!
because i know you all lie awake in bed at night thinking, "i wonder what alia is up to."
how did you know *coughs* I mean, don't do that *shuffles feet*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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