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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

*hearts the lemming*

ok, so literarylemming totally and completely cheated by posting after i went to bed last night..er..this morning. so i have to catch up and im not happy, because i had the idea first!

Reasons why literarylemming is the coolest person in the 'verse:

I. Roswell

"Don't you worry, my beloved," she murmured again, and whether she spoke to her unborn child, or the lover who had died-- whose spirit still danced around her like rainwater-- she didn't know.

Long, long ago, when i first fell into fandom, i fell in love with a silly little teenage show about aliens. i read fanfic voraciously (which i still do, so, you know), and i discovered a writer.

She loved my ship, my Candies, and her stories were AMAZING. I read everything by her, even the threesomes and the porn video fics. AND I LOVED IT ALL. She has the amazing ability to make you laugh so hard you snort your drink out of your nose , and then turn right around and rip your heart out. SHE'S JUST THAT GOOD. I cant even begin to list all of the fabulous ways i first fell in love with her.

Michael Guerin is an unstoppable personality. He is his own ego state. He is a force of nature sent to earth because space did not know how to handle him. As if we earthlings ever could.

I am talking, ladies and gents, about Mnemosyne.

Seriously, i do not know of ONE CANDY who hasnt read at least one thing by her and liked it.

I recced her fic, with glowing, fall over myself praise on roswellficrecs. when "Triple M," her roswell site went down, i went into mourning. i asked everyone who i knew even vaguely from Roswell if they knew where she had gone, and where her writing was. i NEEDED Whisper Scream. And Manuevers. And Pussycat Slavegirl. And How Deep is That?

and about 80thousand other things, that she needs to HURRY UP AND UPLOAD TO HER NEW ARCHIVE.

My father sailed away on a ship to Aries the Ram.

She just had this way of capturing the characters i loved. The snark, the underlying sweetness, the ANGST. i couldnt help it.

I even made a fangirly banner for one of her fics, because the line hit me so hard. i was, in short, a Mnemosyne fangirl. and i was proud of it! I was too shy to speak up and start emailing her or do anything other than, "omgilovethisiloveyoukthxbye."

"Laugh," he said softly, "and I'll tell everyone about your crush on Weird Al."

And sure, the show had gone downhill, and then got cancelled, but i still loved my Candies. And i still loved M's stories.

But then, she disappeared..her site went down, and i had never known if she hung out at boards or anything anything.

i was very sad, but belit's planet (now gone) had some of her fics, and it was possibly to find some of the others. but..where was M?

Fast forward several months.

II. Lost

This great new show was out, and it had a hobbit, and a pregnant girl, and they were the CUTEST THING EVER. i was actually in on the ground floor of this fandom, which was a rare and fabulous thing.

I have to admit, at first, i was lurking. but then..i wrote a fic. just a little one. and i got a fabulously written compliment from a person i had never heard of before.


(that fic was Baby Seat, by the way)

I didnt think much of it. i knew who she was in a general sort of way. and i knew she loved Charlie and Claire.

And, i think something, a random ref to Roswell, an offhand comment or two, had me wondering, but it wasnt until she posted Picket Fences, which is wonderful and sweet and sexy, that i figured out that THIS WAS MNEMOSYNE.

His hand brushed her cheek, and she knew he loved her by the fact that his fingers said L-O-V-E.

My stalking was POSSIBLE now! we like another of the same ship! and she was somewhere where i COULD stalk her!

my joy knew no bounds. but, for some reason, i was shy, and so didnt immediately jump all over her and make her my new bestest friend in the world. i thought i might scare her, for one thing.

"Little guy, you're supposed to do that with mummy's and daddy's. You haven't seen any movies yet, but that's how it happens. So you'd better just let go now, before you make Uncle Charlie start blubbing like a schoolgirl. All right?"

I dont think it was until she posted Dirty Laundry, that i threw myself at her. Mainly because the story made me laugh so hard i couldnt see.

i had known she was a wonderful writer, but it turns out that she is also an extremely amazing person.

"Oh, God. You know what you've done, right? You've planted the bloody seed. I'm never gonna get it out of my head now. I'll be sitting down there, pounding a perfectly innocent sundress against an equally innocent rock, and my sodding tongue's gonna blurt out So, you want me to squeeze your panties, Claire?

She even made me an icon. i have it on my harddrive.

Anyway, we didnt really get to the point where we would chat until we started trying to come up with a name for this wonderous new ship. and then we started trading plot bunnies...my god, that was over a year ago. *clutches brain* but, we started trading comments. a LOT. and we discovered our love for Sha-Boone(hello hello again) and the general incest.

and then we came up with the Clue/Lost crossover, and please just dont ask, ok? and omg, i just found that post, and i fear for our sanity.

but i discovered that M is an evil evil enabler of the plot bunny kind, and entirely too many things i have written can be blamed on her. like, the Clue crossover, and the Newsie hat, and the Roswell crossover drabbles. she is also an awesome feedbacker, and can be counted on to squee whenever i wrote anything. and i tried my absolute best to return the favor.

Hurley clapped the other man on the back. "Dude, this is you." He gestured to his foot. "This is food." He held up a small piece of driftwood. "This is food made by you." Heaving himself to his feet, he dropped the driftwood on the sand and began stomping on it viciously, crying out in a high-pitched, effeminate voice, "NO! NO! SHIT, HE'S GOT SOME KIND OF SAUCE! OH SWEET JESUS! NOOOOO…!"

at some point, for some reason, we started AIMing. we would do 10 minute check ins, where we both would fic and would try and keep each other on task.

she was there the night i wrote Please Remain Seated, which is still one of my most highly recced fics EVER. she's also one of the few people who knew that it was supposed to be mile high club porn..she was writing stripper fic, and i was going to write mile high club in return..but things happened. whatever, its HER FAULT.

we came up with entirely too many plot bunnies, foisting them off on each other. i still have a chat saved in which we came up with a plot for a lost fic that would break charlie, possibly kill off claire, and completely DESTROY THE UNIVERSE. the idea still gives me chills. she's just THAT TALENTED.

She started the fabulousness that is Domilie, as well.

III. Rayne and Pendragon and 80 thousand other ships

My Joss, we share alot of ships!

when she showed up on rayne_shippers, i fell over laughing, because of COURSE she shared that ship with me!

We have way too many of the same kinks, and currently, the little crazy girl and the big bad mercenary are at the top of that list. With stars. Or guns, by their names, im not exactly sure..

This wasn't fair. Jayne was a man, dammit, and a man who hadn't been with a woman in over a month, thanks to piss-poor jobs and no contact inwards of the Rim. Putting him face to stomach with a half-naked girl was like holding a bucket of water in front of a man dying of thirst and telling him he couldn't drink.

She is one of my favorite writers in any ship, but the fact she we share so many, makes us extremely giddy and nutty. We talk on AIM entirely too often, which is SO MUCH FUN! she is insane and can routinely shake me out of any bad mood i might be in.

she writes me porn! just for me! in our chat windows!

we're writing an episode of freedom_is_what together, which promises to be both insane and heartwrenching.

We invented an entire ship! based on one of her fics! and we have a series, and a little girl with an enthusiasm for dragons and a dragon keeper. And we have a christmas fic in the works, and we are slowly dragging a whole bunch of people into this ship with us!

we SO have a Lolita fixation.

I am trying to make her less vain. That is what happens when you are reared from a hatchling by Mama. I hope I am not so narcissississtic!

That is a very hard word to spell and I think I have included too many S's. I am saying it now and it makes me sound as though I am speaking Parseltongue.

Lets not mention the incest, k? *cough*

she supports me in all of my nutty bunnies, including the one that is eating my brain, and she's as enthusiastic about it as i am! She's written chunks of it, squees over what ive written, and had been known to email me just to yell BIRDY!! and helps me plot so much.

Her manips kick ass, and she has made a couple just for me! which i need to add to the stories they go with..kinda makes it feel like we've come full circle, you know?

Im so glad i met her, and so glad she's my friend.

I LOVE YOU M! I promise the clean the pizza boxes out of your brain sometime later today. i didnt mean to throw a party...

"You know, with all the googly eyes my crew keeps making at each other, I'm surprised anyone can see straight. Fat lot of good the bunch of you are as lookouts." He paused, thought, then added, "No wonder I keep gettin' shot."


*HUGE BLUSH* You make me sound like some kind of majesty in absentia when you describe how I disappeared after Roswell! LOL! Quit!

*HUGS!!* Thank you, Alia! I don't deserve ANY of this, but I thank you! I've just had a horrible, horrible afternoon so far, and this made me smile (as well as blush furiously with embarrassment), which I needed! Well, I needed the smiling. NOt so much the embarrassment. LOL! But we all know I can't take a compliment worth CRAP. *nod*

CLUE/LOST CROSSOVER! Ahhhh! You still need to write that! LOL! Now here's a real mindblower for you: if the crew of Serenity,/I> were in Clue, who would be who! :D River is SO Yvette. *nod!*

*HUGS YOU LIKE MAD* See? This is why you're cooler than me. Because you made me feel all better and shiny, just by being you. *clings to you* NEVER LEAVE ME!


*shifty eye movements*




and about 80thousand other things, that she needs to HURRY UP AND UPLOAD TO HER NEW ARCHIVE.

SHHHH! That's a SECRET. *holding finger up to lips in a shushing motion* LOL! I'm still trying to figure out how to make the red Xs go away! LOL!

Re: PS

ack! the red x's!

here, pick ONE of the skins that you like, and ill see if i cant figure out the problem.

ive got my control panel open, so ill play wiht it anyway, but if you could pick one skin in particular that you liked..

Re: PS

*HUGS!* Don't stress! :D And I love the "3column" one -- such pwiddy colors! :D

Re: PS

oh, no stress, im just trying to beat the damn thing into submission! i had part of it working, and then it quit on me. the bastard!

Re: PS

Bastages! :D
I, like you, was extremly afraid to comment anything with the fear that all my well-meaning compliments would come out all garbled to to my utter astonishment that such smart and funny human beings as yourselves existed. The only difference - I lurk around on BOTH of your lj's and greedily gobble up all your fics and completely love your ideas. You two have seduced me into both the Rayne and Gabby/Charlie ship. (I was already a fan of PB&J - that's how I found both your awesome fics on fanfiction.net and eventually found you on LJ.)
For me, its a tie for the coolest person in the 'verse. Because you both rock so hard.
I just have a few questions:
1) Do you know of anywhere I can find your's or literarylemming's Roswell fics?
2) Is Baby Seat in your memories? I'd love to read it.
3) This has been bothering me for awhile but I never wanted to sound stupid when I asked, figuring that if I wait long enough I'll come across the answer. Unfortunetly, I haven't. So, what is the reference behind: ShaBoone (hello, hello again)???
I'm also so glad you two met and became friends, because apparently you both encourage and influence each other which equals more fantstic shiny things for me to read!
*flabbergasted* am i scary? am i?

1) you can find ALL of my stuff at my archive, including all my roswell stuff.
We're working on a TOTAL archive for the M flavored one, but she isnt done uploading stories yet. she's working on it.

2) yes. or, rather, NO, but i just went back in and added it. and its here

3)HA! we LOVE it when people ask this!

ok! this is a long winded, random story that no one but us really thinks is funny. nonetheless.

during a long, random, out of nowhere conversation about Lost - and, oddly, the movie, Clue, we started figuring out who would play who in the Lost cast of Clue.

Please dont ask.

Anyway, through this conversation, we started singing, "Sh-Boom(Life Is A Dream)," which is a SONG from Clue.

At some point after this, we were discussing our love of the Lost incest. Shannon/Boone.

M squished it together as Sha-Boone, and then we figured out why that sounded familer...

Sha-Boone, Sha-Boone (hello hello again!)
Please tell me Im the only ont that you love!
Life could be a dream, sweetheart!
Hello, hello, again, Sha-Boone, and hoping we meet again, Boone!

...confused yet?

regardless, take one part bizarre song, one part incest, and three parts sheer insanity on the brains of me and M, and it all adds up to Sha-Boone (hello hello again) as a nickname for the ship.

other people use it. we are so proud!

and im extremely glad we met and became friends too!

*squishes you randomly*


Aww, no! Never scary!
Just intimidating because so many people love you and your fic so I started believing that one more "*squee* This is awesome!*melts*" wouldn't matter when you had so many fangirls already, from now on I'll comment more though, you and LiteraryLemming deserve all the praise you can get!

1) *browses through your archive....swoons*

2) I just read Baby Seat. It's adorable! I loved Charlie tying her laces together,calling her a damsel in distress & finding the baby shoes. But my favourite thing was Claire sleeping in her hightops because she didn't want to ask for help. That seems like something she'd do so as not to sound weak or fragile and it's cute that it's something Charlie noticed.

Whoo! *wipes forhead. Lookee! I made ANOTHER comment without hyperventilating from teh cute-ness! I think I could get used to this.

3) Thanks for the explanation! I'm still a little confused - but only because I've never seen Clue!

*squishes you back*
Sorry, that was me.
It's late.
Wow, that was the nicest thing anyone has ever written about anyone else before, and so well deserved too! Isn't it an amazing coincidence that whatever one of your favorite stories from a certain fandom is, chances are, literarylemming wrote it? She mentioned her ff.net author name in a post a few weeks ago, so I go to check her stories out, and lo and behold, she wrote my favorite Narnia fic! She's EVERYWHERE! Writing amazing fan fic! The world would be a duller place without her! :)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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