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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


I made a grand total of 100 more words on my Yuletide fic tonight. or, on ONE of my yuletide fics tonight. i didnt like how the first one was going, so i started over in a different direction on another one, but that one is going worse than the first.

geeze, i love the source. why can i not write in it?


i downloaded various pics of Adam Baldwin and arm pRon, because that's important,
forced brandus to watch the gag reel,
watched the gag reel myself,
watched the R Tam sessions through three times,
started a very warped "Simon sees the sessions" story (currently 400 words),
attempted to transcribe some of the sessions,
encouraged literarylemming to write Charlie/Gabby, but kept interupting her to send her links to things involving Adam Baldwin,
attempted to watch my yuletide source material but got distracted before i pressed play,
watched the Fantastic Four instead,
plotted out the next several letters and the Christmas fic of the Pendragon series,
completely avoided the yuletide fic.

*facepalm* i think i need massive doses of help. like, now.

also, whosoever isnt playing in yuletide who might want to beta whatever mess i eventually throw together, want to drop me a comment with your email? i dont know who will know the source material and who wont, but i can tell you what all i offered to write in, i think...i think i can do that..can i?

So, i offered to write:
-Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (book AND movie)
-Bulletproof Monk
-Vorkosigan novels

SO, if anyone is familiar with some of those and might be willing to beta for one of those fandoms...please let me know. it would be very helpful.

it i ever get the damn thing finished.


I would absolutely love to help out with the Sisterhood stuff. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with any of the other source material, though. :( But if you need some help with the Pants stuff, drop me an email. carrielh at gmail.
Ack, I don't know any of those. ::sigh:: Sorry, I would've loved to help. :(
I can do Constantine if you need. :)
I'll beta for Earth 2 or Vorkosigan, but I'm not familiar with the other three. (Well, I'm very familiar with the comic book John Constantine, but I assume from the name that you mean the movie one.)
I can work on Sisterhood or Constantine if you need.
My email is listed under my user info!
I can beta anything, but especially Earth2, since I just rewatched the entire series...
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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