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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

HP Ficlet: Waltz of the Welsh Green

Title: Waltz of the Welsh Green
Author: alianora
Rating: G
Spoilers: GoF
Summery: At the first task, Charlie sees Gabrielle again. Sequel to Horntail Hornpipe.

Charlie was standing by for the dragon challenge. The four champions would be approaching the field soon, and he was pacing the edge of the field, keeping an eye on the Welsh Green.

She was a beauty, very lithe and agile. She could turn on a dime, and he was looking forward to seeing the Beauxbaton’s champion challenge her. She mantled protectively over the egg, and Charlie felt a surge of pride.

“Bonjour, Sharlie!” a small voice piped from behind him.

He turned to see a small girl beaming down at him from the stands. She had to stand on tiptoe to see over the railing.

He couldn’t help but grin. Her tights had a run in them clear up to one knee, and she had lost her hat again. She also had a streak of dirt on one cheek.

“Hi, Gabrielle,” he said cheerfully. “Looking at the dragons?”

“Oui, les dragons!” She pointed out to the Welsh Green and spoke excitedly in rapid French, flapping her hands and making swooping motions with her arms.

He had to laugh. It was too cute. He had no idea what she was saying, but that didn’t seem to bother her in the slightest.

She grinned down at him breathlessly, propping her head up on her arm. “Pouvez-vous montrer un dragon?” she asked curiously, cocking her head to one side.

He blinked. “I didn’t catch that,” he apologized. He grabbed the railing and jumped up to stand opposite her. He threw her a wink as he pulled a small bag out of his pocket. “I have something for you, Gabby.”

“Gabby?” she giggled, her nose wrinkling in amusement. She clapped her hands excitedly. “Je l'aime!”

He winked at her. “Yes, Gabby.” He took one of her hands in his and turned it over. Shaking the bag gently, he dumped a tiny charmed version of the Welsh Green into her palm.

Her eyes widened. The little Welsh Green crawled onto Gabby’s thumb and spread tiny wings.

Gabby’s mouth hung open in amazement. “Elle est belle,” she whispered in amazement.

“She’s yours,” Charlie said, tucking the empty bag back into his pocket. The music started behind him, so he knew the first champion was about to take the field. He tugged a strand of Gabby’s hair, and she looked up at him, eyes shining. “Take care of her.”

He jumped down easily, throwing her a final wink as she tucked the tiny dragon under her chin with one hand and waved with the other.

The girl was definitely crazy about dragons.

Maybe when she was older, he could introduce her properly to the real thing.



OMG. I loved it!

Especially the part where he tugs on her hair!


I am so going to have to brush up on my French! lol
hee! you and me BOTH! i find myself relying on babelfish a little too much..which results in some interesting word choices..*facepalm*

and thank you!

i love it!
you must do more! you must!



*deep breath* le sigh

HEEE! well, there are two other dragons in the competition...if only i could remember what they were...i'll think about continuing, but no promises!

and thank you!
oh please? and i was thinking more about future-set sequela... when gabby's all grown up (as you have been making little promises in your fic, about when she's older... i need these promises to come to fruitation!)

i will beg and pleed.


Chinese Fireball, Common Welsh Green, Hungarian Horntail, Swedish Short-Snout

*revives you* heee!
I'm going to die from the sheer adorableness of this.

He grabbed the railing and jumped up to stand opposite her.

Sigh. So much cute.
hee! please dont die! you're using my Charlie icon, and he's just so pretty..if you died, you couldnt stare at him anymore..

and thank you!
C'est magnifique!

I want her to be older for him!
I hope there is more someday.

and there could be..there ARE two other dragons at the competition..
Aw, I loved it! And he called her Gabby! So awesome! And the gift too! *melts*
aww, thank you! and i have to say, i CANT see Fleur calling her "Gabby."
*shrugs* I dunno, I guess it would depend on what kind of relationship they had, and whether it would be the 'French thing' to do. But it would be better if Fleur didn't, b/c then it would just be a nickname from Charlie. :)
montrer, not monter, unless he's really gonna mount a dragon. *snicker*

This series is so incredibly adorable and believable! I love Gabby and Charlie together. :)
*laughs hysterically* thats what i get for relying on babelfish!

will fix, thanks!

and thank you! i think they are beyond adorable.
Email me the french you want translated next time, oui? I'm un peu plus accurate than Babelfish. *g*
In the eternal words of Gred and Feorge: WICKEd!!!

hee! not quite what i was going for, but as long as it has the Gred and Feorge seal of approval, i guess thats ok..:)
Maybe when she was older, he could introduce her properly to the real thing.

O_O OMG THAT WAS AWESOME!!! ^_^ Gosh girl, how you make me squee.

I figured since your fics are so awesome, the girl behind the fics can't be that bad either. And go figure, we have like a miillion things in common. Do you mind if I friend you? *leaves cookies*
hey, friend away! welcome aboard! please keep your hands and limbs inside the lj at all times, and please dont stick your head out the window, as we sometimes come to sudden stops.

thank you, and welcome to alia-air!
Awww! I loved it!

He called her Gabby! And tugged her hair!

The beginnings of true love... *sigh*

I decided to de-lurk to say: You Rock.

I’m loving the Pendragon stories, and am so grateful to you and literarylemming for starting the Charlie/Gabrielle shipping, because it works so very well.

I get lost in your stories. You manage to have them both be in character, and for their relationship to be utterly plausible. The slow blooming of their relationship is great- it never goes to a squicky place, yet they are sooooo falling in love. I enjoy reading your Gabby, and I would really like to see more about her Veela side: is there any psychological things that make her different than other girls, and what would happen if she tried to use her powers that way Fluer does? *contemplates the fic bunny*

Also, am so jealous: you write great fanfic, and yet somehow manage to make great icons as well. Just so you know, I’m snagging Tara “Fading Into Shadow”; Dawn’s “Goes Down Another Day”; Anna Paquin’s “Untouchable”; and POTC Elizabeth’s “Saltwater”. They are all great, and I am in awe of how well the text and images create different yet equally awesome and evocative moods.

Know anywhere I could get some Charlie/Gabrielle icons?
oh and the sequel kicks too!!!! YAY!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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