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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Turkish Delight


and my first reaction?


Secondary reactions under the cut, including massive babbling and inappropriate shipping. because those two things are my main things in life!

here thar be spoilers!


The kids are adorable. seriously. Lucy is the cutest thing in the history of cute.

I loved the extra Edmund stuff in, because it really makes him more understandable and less of a weasel than he comes across in the book. i like the comparison of him and Tummnus and the father pictures. and how different he is handling the whole situation than his brother and sisters.

Narnia itself was GORGEOUSLY done. i loved knowing the little behind the scenes thing about Lucy not being allowed to see the set and being brought on blindfolded, so you are seeing her actual reactions.

Mr Tummnus should not have such a very very large crush on Lucy, due to age difference more than species issues, but he does and i love it, and i want icons of the end scene between them, because at one point, i honestly expected him to kiss her on the mouth.

yes, i already know im going to hell. you dont have to remind me.

also, fic is needed. yes.

but seriously, the guy who played Tummnus needs several awards, because he sold the genuine anguish over turning Lucy in, as well as the concern over her when he's talking to Edmund.

he so loves her.

also, in the inappropriate ship area, id also like to add Peter/Susan to my list of incest and wrong. and seeing as they ARE actually related, ive just dropped down past literarylemming several rungs, and i think im somewhere on rung 21 or so...regardless, there were little things..the way they fought, and when she put her hand on his shoulder and he covered her hand with his? oh yeah. they want each other.

Ok, now that i have both of those out of the way, my main response throughout the movie was OMGTILDA!

she owns this movie. yes, Aslan is fucking amazing, but TILDA. wearing the mane! and the stabbing! and the fight scenes! *dies*

Tilda Swinton is one of the few women i will admit not only having a girly crush on, but will admit that i would go gay for her. she is JUST THAT COOL.

I fell for her in Orlando, which you should see if you havent...("Are you alright?" "I'm dead sir!" "Can I help you?" "Will you marry me?" "I would love to, only I fear I've broken my ankle.."), and THEN, i went to see Constantine, which i was going to see anyway, and Gabriel turns around and i grab Brandus's arm and yelp, "TILDA!" in the middle of the theater. Which is exactly what i did when i first saw the Narnia trailer, actually...

so, yes, i have a Tilda issue.

But throughout the final fight scene between Jadis and Peter, Brandus leaned over during my squeeing and informed me that i wasnt supposed to be rooting for the bad guy. oops.

I feel better now.

The Beavers were amazing and adorable, and Maugrim was honestly creepy, which rocked!

i know some people disliked the inclusion of Santa Claus, but i liked it. it worked and it fit.

i know i have things of import to say....somewhere.

but im going to end with a squee of OMGTILDA!!


I want to see this movie so freaking bad. And Illyria/Jadis is . . . intriguing. Go and write it. ;)

Oh, and do you have a link handy to the stories you did with Simon watching the Sessions videos? 'cause someone read mine and wanted a link to yours. heh.
A Handful of Beans is all ive done so far. and it doesnt deal with Simon. although im still playing with the idea, and have two different fics partially written on my hard drive. including one involving R Tam and some dolls..one of which ..um..aint a girl. *facepalm* and one of which involves Inara.

my brain frightens even me some days.
*cough* I... sort of have to join you on Ring 21, because seriously? I'm so down with the Peter/Susan 'shipping.

*hanging head in shame*

Us and our damn incest obsession. LOL!

And I will personally track down and KEEL anyone who dislikes the inclusion of Santa Claus! Not only is it in the gorram book, it's NECESSARY to set up both the withering of the Witch's magic and the awarding of the gifts! *spitting with anger*

*cough again* Sorry. I just get... very protective of my lovelies. *snuggling them!*
*facepalm* we have problems. i would ask for help, only i have too much fun like this. and the incest and the lolita fixations are starting to take over completely. i think Narnia hits BOTH of those at the same time! *cries*
*cuddles you* We need counseling. Like WHOA. LOL!
i had counseling...it didnt help.

and besides, im having fun, and we arent hurting anyone! so there!

*whispers* BIRDY!
*raises hand* I too am destined for that special hell because of Lucy/Tumnus. That whole bit where he holds her hand, and the looks they give each other... Just a note to myself: yes, Lucy is nine here...

Awesome awesome awesome movie. But anyway.
i KNOW! but even when she is NINE the chemistry is off the charts!

i need the fic.
For the record: Not writing that fic. Really. Even though Mr. Tumnus is a satyr (faun my ass), and I'm sure he had naughty thoughts about Lucy when she was young.
..sounds like you have bunnies...come on, feed the pretty bunnies! see how cute they are? all fluffy and young and inappropriate?

you want to pet them. yes you do.
It was her courage that first won him over, then her winsome smile and the charmingly proper way she had of teaching him to ‘shake.’ Her love of sardines helped, for few faun women truly appreciated the salty delicacy. Her complete innocence was something he had never come across before, even in the years before the long winter. She was a child who saw nothing but joy and had nothing but trust for whomever she met. And even after he admitted seducing her with the intent to kidnap, she still worried more for his welfare than his own.

Fauns weren’t prescient by any means, but the tears she shed for him, both at the lamp post and in the courtyard of the White Queen’s castle, seemed to be motivated by an emotion stronger than friendship. It was the look in her eyes though, on coronation day, that settled it for him. He’d covered her small hand with his to comfort her, but the look that she had responded with hadn’t been the look of an eight year old girl. It had been a look of promise for years to come.

Six years wasn’t a long span of time for someone who survived over one hundred years of winter. Eight years even, or ten, wouldn’t be a very long time to wait. In that time, he would watch her grown and soften and round out as all females do. And wait he would, until the youngest Queen of Narnia was ripe for the picking and ready to bear fruit.
*inappropriately happy noises* WHEEE! *dances*

and i cannot express to you my joy over the part about him loving her because of sardines. HA!

*squishes you*
Um...yes, random person commenting on your journal, but I love your fic, and...yes. Anyway!

I, too, am going to hell, but the Lucy/Tumnus was THERE. I don't understand how anyone could not see that. There must be fic! (But...appropriate fic...eep!)
And I'm also with you on the Peter/Susan thing, which scares me, because I *never* like incest. EVER. But, gah. They're both so pretty, and they had some moments where I was just like...woah.

And I thought they were related, but I looked it up and didn't find much, so can someone tell me how theyre related?
welcome! i dont bite..generally.

the Lucy/Tummnes was SO OBVIOUS!

and the Peter/Susan, i didnt mean the actors were related..i meant that, as opposed to my other incesty ships, they were brother and sister as opposed to step sibs.
Ohh, okay. I thought I heard from somewhere before that the two actors were related, and I thought they looked an awful lot alike...but I must be losing my mind. o_O
Heh, wouldn't be the first time. :P
omg, I went to see it on Friday and there was this woman, you know, a little unhinged? Anyway, everything was fine until the part where Tumnus locks the door after Lucy and hides the key and then this woman starts shouting that we're all sick and deranged, and what is she, ten, and what's wrong with us that there's a monster loving a little girl and we think it's great, and so on until the ushers took her away. But it was amusing, because I didn't even think of that until she started yelling, and then I was like "You clearly don't get it!" Yes, I am oblivious ;)
....*laughs hysterically*

omg that is BEAUTIFULLY whacked and insane! *cackles*

did you laugh yourself silly? cause i would've.


Its your Sister

I got to see Narnia last night also. LOVED IT. Can't wait to re-read them all over break at the parentals. If you also are planning on doing that you'd better be done with them by the time I get home.

Re: Its your Sister

*saluts* ma'am, yes ma'am!

actually, i reread them a few months ago, so the ones at the house are all yours. i think they're on my shelves though..
How did I know that you (too) would see the Lucy/Tumnus? How did I know?

Could it be that I saw Gabby/Charlie in them and knew that I wouldn't have if it weren't for you and literarylemming?

*facepalm* I fully intend to blame you for most of my issues when I need counseling someday. But I promise to do it with a smile.
Found you via google - dunno if you'll see this this late - but if you find any good post movie world narnia fic, pass it along my way, aye?
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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