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Why Havent I Posted This?

remixredux fics went up with names ages ago, so i have no idea why i didnt post info on here about it?

My roswell fic, Who was remixed by the fabulous popgurlie (loki) of popgurls and also the rosfic, Not Even the Rain. She came up with Slipstream (The Change My Memory Remix), and it is amazing. go, read, and gush. you can find the rest of loki's stuff here.

i remixed an Xmen story by Wren, Love Given Up, and came up with the Give It Up Remix

muchos gracias to musesfool, who organizes, runs, and chases down late authors with the pokey stick. she is amazing, and we adore all she does.

if you want to know more about the Remix idea, go here
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