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Firefly Ficlet: Finders Keepers

Title: Finders Keepers
Author: alianora
Rating: PG
Summery: Rinny should know better than to hand me a prompt like this. Really. *giggles*

Before Jayne came on board, Kaylee used to sleep in his room.

The bed was just a mite bigger than the others, which left her plenty of room to sprawl out all she wanted when she was sleeping.

But, of course, Jayne needed the bigger bed, 'cause he was a big guy, and Kaylee really didn't mind.

So, she packed up her stuff in kinda a hurry, and moved one room over.

And she didn't think much more about it, although a couple of her things got misplaced in the move. Jayne didn’t say that he had found anything of hers, so she figured she had probably just put some things in the wrong box.

They was friendly enough, 'though Jayne was kinda frowny and could be mean at times. .

He was kinda nice to look at, sorta, and he sure were strong, so she took to watching him when he was working out sometimes.

And that's when she saw it.

He had stopped, and was wiping his face with a scrap a cloth.

A scrap a cloth that looked awfully familiar.

Her mouth fell open, and she could feel her face turning bright red.

And then, even though she was sitting off in a corner, where she was sure he couldn’t see her, he looked right at her.

He smirked as he stuffed her panties back into his pocket.

Tags: firefly fic

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