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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Random Bouncing

Hello, my dovelies!

It is shaping up to be a good monday, regardless of the cold and the fact i cant stop yawning and my preference to be at home cuddled up with Madmartigan and at least one of the cats, writing my little heart out.

So much writing needs to be done! Its exciting and insane and i love it!

literarylemming and i finally titled our Charlie/Gabby letter fic Pendragon and then we spent 10 minutes asking ourselves why we hadnt thought of it before! Its my turn, and im working on it. and then we have to get started on the Christmas fic.

Also, i cannot give you links at the moment, but corellianjedi, blackandwhite02, and sevangel all wrote Charlie/Gabby yesterday! an abundance of riches! go and read and fall in love with the dragons, and the flatter the hell out of the author's so they write more!

in one day, we have more than doubled the numbers of Charlie/Gabby writers..which, seeing as there were only two of us, still doesnt mean much..

The response to Slippery When Wet has left me giggling like a loon, and im so glad to know that so many other people want to see Jayne in nothing but boots and a soaking wet towel, because really, everyone should.

and then we should write Joss and ask for a "Men of Serenity" pin up calander. or at least a "Hero of Canton" pin up calender. Because Jayne. in gunbelt and boots. and possibly hat. and nothing else...*drowns in own drool*

and Rinny just threw the prompt of "panties" at me, which means my brain is even further in the gutter than it was a moment ago...

also! literarylemming and i will be co-writing/plotting/losing our minds together on my next big fic project..sure, there is freedom_is_what, which is very cool and important, but this is OURS. and its going to be so insanly cool, so completely insane, and so fabulously heart ripping that you will be left ON THE FLOOR by our greatness.

yes, on the floor!

and omg, i have so much writing that needs to be done!

Tonight, i will be finishing up the synopsis for ep 2.04 with Rinny, working on said episode, working on the crack fic, write Ferris Wheel, work on Charlie's letter for Pendragon, plot for yultide and at some point i hope to eat dinner and do laundry.

i think Madmartigan is going to need to go to the laundrymat with me..otherwise, i will get distracted by my flist and email and shiny things.

but..if i do that, i cant aim Rin or M..which means i cant write with them...hmm..

And, if im really lucky, the LIBRARY WILL CALL ME. *glares*


*blushes* i feel so loved.

You and Lemming are both working on freedom_is_what? Now I've definitely gotta read it.
And, if im really lucky, the LIBRARY WILL CALL ME. *glares*
*wills them too* :)
Mad Martigan is doing laundry with me today. :p
Bah, bad tag. Ok, try again. As I was saying, I made a Charlie/Gabby icon that I wanted to share with you, but the image tag and link aren't working. Huh, that's odd. You can see it in the entry literarylemming posted last night about C/G fanfics. :)
We are both so deluged with fic ideas, it's INSANE! We RULE!!

*rips Jayne's towel away* HOO!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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