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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Firefly Ficlet: Slippery When Wet

Title: Slippery When Wet
Author: alianora
Rating: PG13
Summery: River and Kaylee get an eyeful. Written for rinalin, to help ease some pre-date nerves.

I expect full details later, Rin!

River was pulling impatiently against Simon's arm. "Time to go now, Simon."

"Go where, River?" Simon was getting exasperated. She and Kaylee had taken to disappearing every night for about half an hour. When they came back, they were red faced and giggling.

It was beginning to give him some ideas about River that he really didn’t need to be having, but she had just laughed when he asked her if she and Kaylee were involved.

River grinned, kicked him in the shin, and blew him a kiss. “I’ll be back later!”


Her brother's plaintive voice followed her down the hall as she ran to the hiding place where Kaylee was waiting.

"You're late!" Kaylee hissed, pulling her down the air duct they had altered. "We almost missed it!"

"Simon was being a problem."

The two girls settled, giggling silently into their sleeves as they finally made it to the air vent that was situated directly over a doorway.

If they squished down together and stayed very still, they could see all the way down the hallway.

Which was what they wanted.

Kaylee grabbed River's shoulder and squeezed tightly when she saw movement.

Both girls froze.

River clapped her hand over her mouth to keep from giggling.

This was a very dangerous endeavor. But it was worth it.

Because striding down the hall, whistling on his way to the shower, came Jayne.

The girls' eyes widened.

They had been down here every night for the part week and a half, since River had accidentally seen him one night when she was playing hide and seek with Serenity.

It had taken her an hour to convince herself to come out of hiding and find Kaylee, and since then, they had been there every night like clockwork.

They spent a breathless ten minutes watching him walk down the hallway towards the shower.

Jayne Cobb in nothing but his boots and a towel was a breathtaking sight.

But what came next was more than simply breathtaking.

The girls huddled in the air vents exchanged excited grins as they heard the water turn on.

They waited. For ten minutes, they fought not to fidget.

The door to the shower was kicked open, and Jayne came out.

And this time, the view was so much more interesting.

The boots were the same, but the towel had some noticeable differences.

Mainly, that the body underneath it was dripping wet.

And it really wasn’t that thick of a towel.

Which meant that as he walked back to his bunk, not much of what was under that towel was much of a secret to the two girls peeping from the air duct.

Matter of fact, if River or Kaylee were asked to, they could probably draw a pretty graphic picture of exactly what sort of concealed weapon he was carrying under that towel.

And then, came the best part.

Better than watching a half naked, well built mercenary walk down the hallway. Better than the water pooling in the small of his back. Better than the fact they could see every inch of his…weapon outlined against the towel.

Two steps in front of his bunk, Jayne glanced around to make sure he was alone.

The two girls froze, as they always did, even though there was no way he could see them from his position.

He kicked open the door to his bunk.

River held her breath. Kaylee pressed her hands over her mouth.

Jayne put one foot on the ladder down.

And then he dropped the towel completely.

Right before he straddled the sides of the ladder, and disappeared.

River and Kaylee stayed frozen, faces pressed to the air duct for a moment longer. River fanned herself with her hand. Kaylee grinned, squeezed River’s hand, and slid off to find Simon.

And down in his bunk, a mercenary threw a towel over his shoulder and laughed.



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Jayne ass. Oh God, YES PLEASE!
and! his..weapon all outlined by wet towel..*swoons*
River had accidentally seen him one night when she was playing hide and seek with Serenity.

I don't know why, but that really stuck out to me. Fantastic line. Great fic, as a whole, too. :D
hee! everyone else notices Jayne's ass, and you notice the randomest line i came up with off the top of my head!

thanks for reading!
*faints in own drool*

i loved it more more plz
*loans you Jayne's towel* hee!

Yep, that's all. *dies again*
*revives you* hee!
LMAO! Big Merc KNEW they were watchin' didn't he?

I'm still thinking Joss ripped us off...
i know, its really not fair. im still lobbying for the Hero of Canton pin up calender.
Gah...great job. You made me laugh and it was soooooo worth it.

A wet Jayne ;) And I love the end. Hehehehe
wet, NEKKID Jayne! whee!

Jayne... towel... toweless Jayne...

Oh god I want to be that towel. *shifty*
im right there with you, hon, trust me. *drools*
That's great! You woke me up with tears, and you're sending me to bed with a smile!
aww!! thank you!
hee! im so glad, i was giggling through the writing of it!
Haha! That is so great....what you need to write is Simon and Mal finding out what Kaylee and River are doing...hehe
Jayne Cobb in nothing but his boots and a towel was a breathtaking sight.

Guuuuhhhh. I'm sure it is. O_O
Ha ha! That was great, I wouldn't mind hidin' out with them for a sight like that. :p
And down in his bunk, a mercenary threw a towel over his shoulder and laughed.


love, love, love this!

Towel Imagery = Gold!
Ha! I knew while reading this that he knew he was being watched! That last line was just perfection!
HEE. This was fantastic!

The mental image of Jayne in nothing but boots and a towel..

Nice. ;)
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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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