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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Firefly Ficlet: Carry

Title: Carry
Author: alianora
Rating: PG
Summery: A big man like that should've been heavier.

Sometimes, a writer just..has to. every now and then.

In the end, it only took Zoë and Mal to carry him home.

It seemed wrong, somehow. A big man like that should've been heavier.

The box they were carrying just seemed too light to hold Jayne Cobb, a man who had outweighed both of the people carrying it by at least a hundred pounds.

Maybe he hadn’t been as big as they thought. Maybe he just seemed bigger when he was there, laughing and swearing and drinking. Maybe he wasn’t as big as he looked, if it only took two of them to carry his body home to his family.

River and Kaylee were holding onto each other, much as they had been for the past two days, since Jayne had pulled them out of the way of that cart.

River was blaming herself, and she tried to give his hat back to his momma when they got him home, but the lady wouldn't take it.

"I made it for him and his," she said, her voice scratchy from tears. "'Spect he would want you to have it, little one."

"Should've seen it," River whispered to Kaylee, tucking the hat tenderly onto Kaylee’s head. "Should've known."

"He saved us, the big idiot," Kaylee tried to laugh. "All 'cause we was too dumb to notice couple a big runaway horses coming right at us."

It wasn't the way anyone who knew him had ever expected him to go. There were a million ways that would have made more sense. Gunshots or stabbings or even alcohol poisoning.

Instead, he died in town one day, after a job had gone smooth, when he was taking his two girls out for some ice cream.

Man like that, should have been heavier to carry.



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*cleaves to you*

I...I love deathfic. Even when it rips my heart out, I love it. So long as it's done well. And... And...


i..i..just..suddenly needed to kill Jayne..i dont know why..it just needed to be done. mainly so i could use the last line, which randomly popped into my head while i was watching the message.

i want to work on Ferris Wheel, but i need to go to bed..decisions, decisions..

way to completely rip my heart out!!! erm, i mean... i love it.

*sobs and clings to jayne*

*pets you soothingly* it will all be ok, its just..sometimes we need to kill off a character or two.

*hands you a hanky*
I really do like it, but...
*pets* i know, i know.
Beautiful. Thanks for posting!
Wow. This was good. I could so see Jayne doing something like that for Kaylee and River. Hell, probably for anyone on the crew, though he'd never admit it if you asked.
of course he wouldnt admit it, then he wouldnt look like a big tough guy!

thanks for reading!
*sniff* *whimper*

Man like that, should have been heavier to carry.

*goosebumps* *off to find happy fluff*
*bundles you up in blankets* sorry!

thanks for reading!
The end twist was the best part, just why Jayne was a hero. Very in following with him being more good than he thought himself.
thank you! i think Jayne is a hero..which is why i write about him so dammed much.
Oh, wonderful. I'm not the only one who gets strange urges to kill off characters.

Instead, he died in town one day, after a job had gone smooth, when he was taking his two girls out for some ice cream.

Much love.
oh, of course not, i randomly kill off characters whenever i feel like it. its fun!

thanks for reading
I don't normally like to start my day off with tears, especially since I'm in the middle of writing a particularly tear-jerky part of "How I Soar," but this was a beautiful story. Jayne takes care of his girls. *sniffle*
oooh, new part of How I Soar? *sits and waits*

thanks for reading!
Wow, Alia, that was horribly good.
I really loved the part about him seeming beiiger when he was there, and that he went out being all heroic and self sacrificing. Good job... well not... oh you know what I mean!
oh, thank you! even if you did think it was horrible *grin*.

thanks for reading!
Ohh. ::wibbles:: Beautiful and ow.
thank you!

and thank you especially for using an icon where i can ogle Jayne's backside..*drools*

This killed me when I read it last night. And it's killing me now.

*climbs into the casket with Jayne*

Okay... that was morbid, even for me.
*tugs you back out* get out of there!

*clings to you*

*hugs turtle*

I...*sniff*...whhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do we do this? What is this incessant neeeeeeed to kill him off... *sniff*?

At any rate, very very very good story, and plays up the not-quite-larger-than-life aspect. Cause in the end, he is only human. (a deliciously HAWT human, but still human).

And get outta my head. Last night I was thinking on how to make Kaylee AND River AND Jayne into a smutty fic (cuae I have suddenly decided that Mal and Simon should be boinking and that the only one capable of consoling Zoe is Inara *EG*...which leaves Kaylee without a sumthin sumthin...so how to foist her upon Rayne?)...your "Taking his girls" nailed that aspect!
*pets you soothingly* i know, im evil, im sorry!

and yes, please to write the threesome porn. yum.
I *sob* I think I'm torn *gasp* between *sob* begging you to *sob, gasp, sob* produce more beautiful *whimper* death!fic and to *sob* fight the urge to *shudder* kill the pretty one *SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB*.
*hands you a hanky* it will be ok! im promise!
*whimper* He was such a big damn hero! This was very good! Two thumbs up, say I. :)
thank you!
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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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