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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Spammy Day

Im kind of spammy the last two days..im at work, and im bored, so you reap the benefits. and currently, since i dont have the attention span to fic at work, you get randomness.

i just managed to startle myself somehow..i was having my lunch and reading. and one of the characters did something, and then my brain hopped to a similiar character, and now i want to write Satisfaction fanfic.

yes, Satisfaction. starring Liam Neeson and a very young Julia Roberts. and the main girl, whose name i have forgotten.

so, counting this one and my Flight of the Navigator plot bunny, my brain adds up to WTF on normal days.

today, i want to know, based on this and one the fact i actually read a Calvin and Hobbes all grown up (and no its not perverted, get out of the gutter) fic today, for my writers, or wanna be writers, or people who have just wondered about stuff:

whats the oddest fandom you have ever wanted to write in?
what the most random plot bunny you have ever had? and i dont mean like crack!fic, i mean, hell, ive read Care Bears fic (and no, you DONT want to read it. im still in horror. and i still want more SHUT UP DONT JUDGE ME). i mean, you go home after a movie and say, "i wonder..."

or, you ever wondered where Veda from My Girl is doing now (it happened today).

share with me! i want to know! not..the most obscure, but the randomest fandom/story/plot line that has ever occured to you. and i dont mean, "Harry Potter is a prince in desguise!" because then i will have to burninate you.

and no one wants that.

PS. Why do i suddenly want fic so obscure NO ONE writes it? why?


*pouts* my email is not working all of a sudden, so I can't pick your brain about the War fic like I want.

Now, as far as random fanfic... I can't say I've been bitten by that bug before. The most obscure craving I've had was for My Bodyguard. And I was craving some Ricky/Clifford bad enough to write it myself. SLASH. ME!

What the hell?! I don't get it. I've never liked Slash... and here, all of a sudden since discovering Firefly, it's like... suddenly okay in my brain.

I blame Adam. Who the hell wouldn't want a piece of that?
um, I would like a piece of Adam please. yes.

and seriously, the world needs more Ricky/Cliff slashfic. oh yes. and i still need Linderman icons, because for some reason, i have none.

slash eats your brain. you get used to it.
I don't want my brain eaten!

But then... Adam nekkid... *Embraces Slash*

And yay... email is working again! I can drive you nuts with my anal retentiveness re: Mal and Jayne!
Adam nekkid


Oh, I wish I knew!
ur hidin him ain't ya lol
I wrote Biblefic of what Judas' parents thought about the night Jesus was born, and they saw the Star of David.

That was before I knew the medieval traditions that gave Judas a more Oedipal history.

Other than that--yeah, I've hand random thoughts about the continuation of stories that I want to hear that no one seems to write. Like what happens after WWI is over to Anne of Green Gables and her children (particularly Rilla). Random stuff like that.

I feel your pain.
DUDE, i want Rilla fic! i disliked Rainbow Valley but Rilla's book has always been my favorite.

i am proud that i have not yet fallen to writing Bible!fic. although the temptations have been great. *twitch*
thank you! i couldnt think of her name!

and the druggie girl is the one who im thinking fanfic about...and the other girl, the badass chick..

and YES, i desire music! need, want, yes!
ooh, thank you thank you! *downloads*
Justine Bateman is the gal that was the lead in Satisfaction :)
thank you! my brain gave out and i couldnt get to imdb to doublecheck.

ps, your icon is very pretty.
Well thanks!
PS. Why do i suddenly want fic so obscure NO ONE writes it? why?

Probably the same reason that I'm sitting here thinking "I want someone to write Thoreau/Delirium fic." I can never figure out exactly what triggers the fic urge in my brain. Some things make it click immediately (Master and Commander), and some just... don't. As much as I loved Firefly, after my first watching of it, I didn't read fic based on it. That's obviously changed.
the "fic urge," i like that expression. i know what you mean though, i can watch one ep of a show and it will leave me scrambling for the internet, oh i need more NOW!...or i can watch Satisfaction 5 years ago and suddenly want fic..

my brain works in odd ways..
lol, it's cool. My first crush was on Champ Bear. "Sports fans!"
I think my oddest, and most socially maligned fandom, would have to be Whose Line Is It Anyway. RP slash! :D It's actually fairly popular, believe it or not, so it's not too hard to find. But so far I'm not tempted to actually *write* anything...

yet. *g*

Emily :)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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