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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

A List, Entitled "Selfish"

Things I want right now:

- the library to call .me and tell me they love me and want me to work there.
- a nap
- an animated Carnival icon, with River asking about different rides, and Jayne saying no in fun ways. please? (seriously, PLEASE?)
- new Rayne fic for me to read. am greedy, want much
- for someone to change the radio station, as praise music has been playing all day. you may ask why i do not change it, if you like, but i am not allowed. when praise music is playing, i always tune in for heavy metal.
- a few extra days in November to Nano, as im going to fail miserably.
- Sky High dvd, which comes out today and i cannot afford.
- the ability to get through tonights dance class without having to stop because im winded. grr.
- my pants to stop sliding down so the office can see my tattoo. *tugs*
- a million dollars.

PS. i do so like this icon. *drools*


awesome list :D

the dangerous when wet banner is that from a movie?
yep, Next of Kin, i believe. rinalin made it, so she would know for certain.

and your icon, with the thumb licking, is quite of the hot. all hail adam!
thanks :)

icon is by julie_reads
how do you post a header??
I must stop buying low-rise pants so that I flash the tat at my parents every time I bend over. That=bad. I feel the pants/tattoo pain.

Can you bring a discman in? I'd die without my iPod. That way I can crank Queensryche and no one knows the difference.

Yes, more days to November. I don't want to write 8000 words by tomorrow night.
i cannot bring anything with headphones in, as then i could not hear the phone. and seeing as my job is to anser the phone when it rings, they might dislike it.

and awaiting word on library job..if i dont get it, im bringing in a small boombox, so i can be punk rock without interfering with the crap we play for clients.

8000? 8000? *twitches* i wish i only had 8000! *collapses in hysterical laughter* im not going to make it! im not!
my pants to stop sliding down so the office can see my tattoo. *tugs*
*sheilds you and sneaks a peak* ^^;;
*flashes you*
hehe *whispers* what is the tattoo? :D
a celtic triskal. it looks like this, only in black and much smaller. and on my body. i have no pics of the tat itself, anymore, i used to, but no clue wher ethey are now..
ahh, looks nice ^___^
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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