Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Yeah Yeah..

I know i need to go back and make that angel icon smaller..maybe ill remove the extra picture where his nose is still on..cause right now, its like, 44 megs, and it needs to be 40 or less to be used as an icon.

i also made a really pretty Fred icon last night, but it took me a long time, as i am teaching myself (with a lot of advice from etoilepb, thanks!)how to make icons, use brushes, and layer.

its especially tough, because i dont use Photoshop, I use PhotoImpact, which is a fabulous program, but it took me an hour to figure out how to adapt psp brushes to pi!

crumblingwalls has fabulous brushes. they are gorgous. *swoon* i think i downloaded all of them i just have to figure out some of the cool things you can do with text. whee!

and i have no idea how to cross post when i finally get some more icons to post..i probably cant do it when im using the online updater, and i havent gotten around to finding out about downloading a client to update from my regular computer.

anyway, Fred took me forever, and then i went to bed, so she hasnt been uploaded to my server just yet. later tonight.

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