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I swear, i have been writing my butt off. here in a few, i will actually try and figure out how many NON nano words i have written since November 1. my fandom round up for the new year is going to be INSANE.

also, am going to be writing on the very cool new project freedomiswhat, which is going to be Firefly Virtual Season Two. Im already all set up and plotting my eps with my co-writers (rinalin and literarylemming, in two very different eps). OMGSOCOOL.

First ep will be up January 4, 2006, so keep a look out, cause this is going to be VERY AWESOME.

Things I am working on, fic wise:
-Carnival (4 more parts, already outlined and titled)
-R Tam session (yes, still, i keep getting ideas.)
-Charlie/Gabby letter fic (literarylemming and i WILL bring you around to this ship. yes.)
-Rayne rewrite of Little Red Riding Hood. (can you say dark and twisted? i can!)
-ep outlines and synopsis's for my VS2 eps. (ack! rinalin! we need to email Mich a 100 word synopsis! like, now!)

Things I am not working on, life wise:
-Nano (gah)

The DVD fic commentary meme is floating around again, which i have never actually done. is anyone interested in seeing what i was thinking when i wrote something? any particular stories you would like to see commentary on? let me know.

ETA: 13,924 words this month that had nothing to do with my NaNo. *facepalm*

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