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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Firefly Fic: Funnel Cake (Carnival fic)

literarylemming made me a banner for the whole series! (actually, she made me three, but..its a long story). Isnt it pretty? *squees happily* i have other too! AND, the rest of the series is all mapped out. ONLY FOUR MORE PARTS LEFT!

Title: Funnel Cake
Author: alianora
Rating: PG
Summery: Sixth in Carnival series, follows Tower of Terror. Jayne wants a funnel cake. River has never had one.

“Come on, girl,” Jayne snapped irritably, pulling her away from yet another game that had caught her attention. “I’m hungry, and you ain’t going on no ride without somebody there with you.”

“But the goldfish,” she protested. “They need a home in a mercenary’s pocket!”

“I don’t wanna goldfish, gorramit! I want something to eat!”

Jayne yanked her into line with him at the funnel cake stand. “Just stand there, would ya?”

The girl pouted, but stayed still. “What are we eating?”

“We?” Jayne grimaced. “There ain’t no we.”

“She is hungry too!”

She had cotton candy earlier,” Jayne reminded her. “Got it all over me, too. And I ain’t had nothing all day.”

“She had never had cotton candy before,” the girl leaned against his side dreamily. “Was like eating clouds spun of fairies and moonbeams.”

“Moonbeams,” he snorted. “Whatcha mean you never had cotton candy? Didn’t you ever have it at fairs when you was a kid?”

“Was never a kid at fairs. Am a kid now.” She wrapped her arms around herself and beamed at him.


“Never been to a fair before,” she told him.

He was staring at her in confusion. “Sure, you been before.”

She shook her head. “Nope, not ever.”

“Your folks musta taken you to one.” He was looking at her in something that mighta been alarm.

“Folks took me to parties, in dresses that itched.” She dragged her nails down her arms. “Hair pulled back so hard it hurt, and all food was canapés that she would not be messy.”

“Canopies? You mean tents?”

“Hors D'oeuvres.”

“Whore’s what?”

“Tiny food on trays.”

“Oh.” Jayne was silent a second, thinking. No steam came out of his ears, ‘though it was close. “So, if you’ve never been to a fair before, you ain’t never had a funnel cake ‘afore, either.”

“No.” The girl stood on tiptoe as they got up closer to the counter, trying to see what was going on.

“I can’t believe you ain’t never had funnel cake.” Jayne shook his head in amazement. “My Momma helped out with our harvest fair back home. She made the best funnel cakes around.”

Girl fastened one hand ‘round his bicep and leaned out to get a peek at somebody walking by carrying a plate. “Doesn’t look like a funnel.” She turned a puzzled face up at him. “Looks like a spider web. Lines and dribbles and dew.”

“They run the dough outta funnels.” Jayne stepped up to the counter and tried not to notice the girls disappointed face when he only ordered one funnel cake. “It ain’t supposed to look like one.”

He started to walk away, but she weren’t following. She was standing right where he left her, watching everybody else walk away with their own funnel cake.

Her face was awful wistful.

Jayne rolled his eyes and dumped more cinnamon sugar on his funnel cake.

“Come on.” He grabbed her elbow and tugged her to a picnic table.

She sat down with a thud. Crazy girl even managed to make that sound sad.

He ignored her and started ripping the funnel cake into pieces.

She still weren’t moving. She was just watching him.

“What’s wrong, girl?” He raised an eyebrow. “You ain’t gonna help me eat this thing?”

She blinked at him.

“Better hurry, or else I ain’t gonna leave you none.”

Those eyes got all big again. “She can have some?”

Jayne just grinned, and handed her a piece of the fried dough. “Ain’t like your whore’s curves, or whatever. These get messy.”

She looked at the sugar on his lips and smiled as she bit into the funnel cake. “Messy,” she said shyly, “But very sweet.”

He weren’t real sure if she was talking ‘bout the funnel cake no more.


Back: Tower of Terror
Nect: Roller Coaster



I don't know how you turn me into a Rayne-fangirl, but you do!

And "whore’s curves"... LMAO!
Whores curves! lol I am so sad that this is almost at an end but very excited to see how it does end.Maybe we can have a very sweet little kiss between the two? *sighs happily at the thought* Such a wonderful series.

You know I love this!


And I'm not even going to go into the banner because... well, you know me. *blush*


Is it bad that I just want River to lean over and lick the sugar off his lips? *COO* No? GOOD. Because if it's wrong (to steal a page from thisisironic's book) I don't wanna be right!

Eee! That was cute! This is the first I've read of this Carnival series...best go read the rest. :)
::wipes tears, smiling::

EXACTLY what I needed to wake up to! Thank you for giving me the energy to get out of bed.

And the last 3 sentences? SHEER PERFECTION


::Loves you More::

*flails more*

{*prints out fic to ae others eroll around on it too@
Adorable! Jayne's sharing his food? It must be true love!

I love this series. And if I quoted my favorite lines, half of it would wind up here in the comment. I think I like the ending best of all, tho. :)


PSST! See? I TOLD you the ending was perfect! ;) Everyone else agrees!
“Hors D'oeuvres.”

“Whore’s what?”


Okay, I'm dead. :P
Whore's curves! Ha!

And I *love* the end of this!

He weren’t real sure if she was talking ‘bout the funnel cake no more.

And why do I all of the sudden want to be the crazy girl at the fair with the big bad mercanary?

Ah. This is cute. Can't wait to see the next part!
Aaawww... I absolutely adore this series! It's just so fluffy!

(What is a funnel cake, anyway?)
I second and third those squees.. I love this series so much. Fluff is so the way to go some days. Ahh.
Love it so much. And love the banner! That lemming, I tell ya. And the funnel cake! I love those. I usually have mine with powdered sugar, but the cinnamon sounds good too. Mmm. Funnel cake.
SQUEEE! Rayne!

*pouts* I don't have enough icons for all of my fandoms!
awesome :)

i got a question ur yummy dangerous when wet banner is that from a movie?

He started to walk away, but she weren’t following. She was standing right where he left her, watching everybody else walk away with their own funnel cake.

Her face was awful wistful.

Gah...hear that high pitched cracking sound? That would be my heart shattering into tiny little pieces....

And then the ending...gah! Gahgahgahgah....see what you've done?! I'm all outta words....

except to say...I'm having a love affair with your writing. Is it in a serious relationship at the moment? Cos I think I want to marry it *grins
Awwwww...he is messy but sweet...*giggles*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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