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ok, to start, standing and smiling in my wedding dress, while moving as little as possible so it doesnt get wrinkled before the ceremony for pictures, for something absurd like 3 hours, is enough to make me curl up into a little ball and swear that i will never need to get married again, so can you please put down the camera?

and then Julie, a bridesmaid, locates me a piano bench so i can actually sit down. lovely person. i think i will nominate her for sainthood.

the 8 billion children in the wedding were adorable. oh, sorry, there were just five. and im the new best friend of 2 of the flower girls. "can i sit by you?", "can i sit in your lap?", "can i hold your flowers?", "can i touch your hair?".

was doing impatient happy dances while standing at the top of the stairs, waiting to come down with my dad. it was raining, naturally, so i was coming down the stairs inside instead of the stairs outside. raining. figures. no outside pictures for me. was just glad the Farm had the overhang, so nobody got wet.

for the record, both Natalie and my dad told me they had a car, cash, and lets go. i declined. thank you.

had to step over the end of the aisle runner, so everyone saw my lovely sketchers. my mother cringed a little, then shrugged and laughed.

pretty casual ceremony, which was what i was looking for.

except that the preacher had forgotten that brandus was buddhist until 2 days before the wedding. so he decides to mention it in the ceremony. not just mention, but talk about it for about 5 minutes. which would have been fine, because we arent ashamed of his religion at all, but this was something we had neglected to mention to my grandfather beforehand. hes a in his ways? stubborn? predjudiced?

so both brandus and i wince, shan (my bitch of honor) whispers "uh oh", and i start to worry about whether grandaddy is still sitting down, or if hes on his way up to kill Senor.

but we all survived, nobody dropped the rings (although everyone laughed when daddy had to basically tap dance around the veil to keep from stepping on it). and the preacher made a point of wishing brandus luck dealing with "such a strong woman". thaaanks.

ceremony over! successfully married, neither of us cried, or giggled hysterically, although i evidently almost got stung by a bee several times, becasue it kept landing on my veil.

next time: the reception.
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