Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Dear Santa

Dear yuletide Santa,

I want a pony and a plastic rocket.

Actually, no, because none of those things would fit in any of my requests. Which would be weird.

I have some odd requests, and I wish you the best of luck fufilling any of them.

I am fairly easy to please, Santa, really I am.

I dont slash in any of my requested fandoms, but het and gen are very happy things for me.

If we go het, im a traditionalist, i like my OTPs. but i also like friendly interacting. and i love Gen fic! love! plot! yay!

i also like angst and fluff and sillyness. i like solid characters whose motivations make sense.

i dont like non-con or anything really really not looking for porn this time around..huh. wonder why. but im not.

So, dear Santa, i promise to like whatever you give me, and i will compose odes in your honor. or babbling posts of thanks. whichever.


ETA: I also love character interspection, missing moments, and discovering feelings type stuff.

Also, if anyone cares, my requests involved Solarbabies, Road to Avonlea, Sky High, and The Finavar Tapestry. Could i GET more random? Also, OMGSOLARBABIES! *watches ancient vhs tape obsessively*

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