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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Happy Monday!

I just typed "Happy Monkey!" in the subject line, and this makes me laugh!

But today, I am one happy monkey!

Expect exclamation marks! Random squishing! Bouncing! Lots and lots of love!

Why, alia, you say, whatever can be so good about a Monday that you are so fun of exclamations and love?

Well, says alia, Monday has brought me nothing but JOY today.

For one, I have an interview for a job as the children's assistant in a LIBRARY! a library! which is full of books! and i will get to be in charge of storytime, should i be the candidate who gets the job!


It pays three dollars more an hour than what i do now! and its not half an hour away!

Wow! says you. That is amazing! But why are you still
bouncing like a monkey on crack?

GOOD QUESTION, says alia. Now, i shall tell you of other happiness!

I was sadly unable to attend the auditions for this year's production of The Vagina Monologues, but i emailed the director, asking to be in it ANYWAY, and today, in my email, came the cast list!

with my name on it!

in not one, but TWO places!

I am doing "Because He Liked to Look at It" and the first part (the question part) of "A Six Year Old Girl Was Asked."

This is exciting! And fun! Even though I dont like A Six Year Old Girl Was Asked, because i think its strange to ask a six year old what her vagina smells like!

A job interview! and a monologue! and im not so very far behind on my nano anymore!


*squishes everyone*


eta: also, i have yuletide assignment! and i like it! WHOO!


I hate today. But your love for today far exeeds my hate.

*Cheers for you*
*pets you soothingly and carefully* today likes you..you just have to pet it and love it.

and ICON! whoooo!


Yay! *squishes back* Bring on the exclamation points!!!!!!!
LOL that was me I forgot to sign in again. :-p
hee! you goof!

*squishes much*
*twirls you* I can understand why you are all full of glee :) *fingers crossed on the job* and yay!! on the monologue!!!!
*twirls happily* Wheee! and thank you!
*pats aliaspiral on the head* That's nice, dear.


I envy your joy.
*suspicious look* you are mocking me, arent you?

*squishes you and runs away*
I'm not mocking you. Your extreme enthusiasm just filled me with the strong urge to pat you on the head. I do that to my friends (well, one of them) when she starts bouncing all over the place.

And seriously, I do envy your happiness. My life-

*cuts herself off before the angst kills her*
That's awesome, Alia! Congratulations on getting into the Vagina Monologues... I didn't know you liked drama. :) I used to be a drama geek in high school. *g*

And g'luck with the job too!

Emily :)
oh, ive been a drama geek since i was teeny. and this is my third year in the Monologues, which would explain how i know the director and could get around having to audition.

and thank you!
Glad you had a good day...hopeyougetthejob yada yada---

WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT A SG-1 FIC?????? Maybe my OTP? *bats lashes*

Well, whatever it is, I can't wait to read it. Unless it is Sam/Jack. 'Cause the SSTitanic (AKA: "SHIP OF DOOOOOOOM!") has sooooo sunk and the idea makes me wanna hurl! Really--hurl I tell you. See, right there? I just threw up a little, in my mouth. *gag*
lol. MAYBE SG1 fic, and it would be silly and gen-ish, and who is your otp and why do you not love Jack and Sam like you should and can i ask just one more question in this same sentence?

And I just...hurl. Can't explain it. Maybe too vanilla? Too blah? The fact that she got all mooney eyed and embarrased herself and women everywhere with a totally inappropriate crush on HER BOSS? Cause say what you will, SG-1 is first and foremost a military show. There is even a fulltime Air Force Advisor. Who grumbled quite a bit at the fact that the "wardrobe list" for "Threads" (I think that was the ep) DID NOT MENTION THE TIGHT BOOBY HUGGING TANK TOP that was ALSO imappropriate for a woman in her position. You know, maybe if TPTB give us back Pre-"Divid and Conquor" Sam...I might like her more. You know, the kick ass, bitching, smart , capable, military LEADER. Not that that that that...THING with the DOE EYES OF DEATH and the Black Widow Curse.

*washes mouth out*

*scrubs brain with bleach*
umm..ok, obviously, this is a sensative subject for you..*pets soothingly* will it help if i explain that im only on season two?

and see, im not generally a slasher..i will slash, but my usual preference is het. the only slash otps i have are Remus/Sirius and Cliff/Ricky.
i NEED more shoes please, now, having withdrawl, and did I mention that my bronchitis is back with a vengence and carmelita has it too? we sat in the bathroom floor for a few hours last night with the air conditioning set at 65, can we say feverish?
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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