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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

What Day Is It?


behind the cut.

for those above the cut, this episode means PETEY WILL BE COMING OUT TO PLAY. *eats flist*

Beezlebaby is HUGE. how old is he? what day are we on, dammit?

I am shocked and appalled that no one, and i mean NO ONE, on my flist, has commented on the fabulousness that is Sayid wandering around shirtless for several minutes. IN MULTIPLE SCENES, PEOPLE.


Give me caps. *grabby hands*

I lovelovelove Shannon's Walt flashes, but i do wonder why they have been appearing to her..also, what did the one in the tent say? was it the numbers backwards again? or did we ever figure out what he was saying the first time? what do the subtitles say? but seriously, this one was the creepiest thing to happen on show since Theresa Falls Up the Stairs.


Ok, moving on. Daddy!Charlie is cracking me up. seriously, everyone else ive read reactions of is like "punch in face!" or "jackass!" but it is so very very funny to me to have Charlie being all disapproving of how Claire is raising Aaron, and jealous of Locke interfering. especially because he is DRUG ADDICT with a stash of drugs hidden in the virgin mary. NOTHING TO SAY HERE, CHARLIE.

has someone written the Charlie/Claire fight about that yet? cause i wanna read it. now. and no fluff, i want a FIGHT.

I really enjoyed Shannon's backstory. seriously, i can see how yeah, she was spoiled, but she didnt become a raging bitch until later. which kinda Joss's my Sha-Boone (hello hello again) fics, but im planning on ignoring that fact and enjoying some more incest. i love that she is a dancer AND that she got a really prestigious internship. maybe Sabrina (who is Queen Evil Bitch) was right, and that Shannon hops around, but dammit, maybe you should have had a conversation about her finances a little EARLIER, instead of when she came to you broke and about to be homeless?

i also wonder about Shannon's husband..who was he, was he rich, did she marry him BECAUSE he was rich..and unless he is an Other or was in the back of the plane, im not seeing those questions get answered. ever.

which really peeves me off.

look, i can tolerate Jack and Kate. Rose is ok. I adore Sun and Jin and lust after Sawyer and Sayid and Ana-Lucia, but my hard core loves on this show are Charlie, Claire, Hurley, and Shannon.

look, the way the death was set up was awesome, and DUDE the look on Sayid's face right before the credits, when he was just starting to get up to cause some serious damage to Ana, GUH, but i still dont like that both Shannon and Boone have been killed off.

unless she isnt dead...after all, Sawyer has been shot, and he's still hanging around. yeah, its a gut wound, and they are half a day or so from Jack and his miracle bag, but it could happen.


And i can buy that Sayid could love her (i just typed "lover her" and then had to stop and giggle), even though its been a really short time. Its emotionally exhausting. you find something and you hold onto it.

and dude, is Sayid going to cause some trouble with the new kids. WHOO. i might adore Ana, and i TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY get why she would shoot Shannon..especially if one chick just disappeared into nowhere, and then you hear crashing in the undergrowth ("Vincent, is that you?" "Yeah, dude, it's totally me. Woof.". hell, i would have shot her too.

and i still love Ana, and that will not change. although..she KNEW how to handle that gun, yo. hmm. I like her because she is take charge, because the Others and the situation must have been hellish, but she got through by being ruthless and smart.

and i like that.

also, please to notice what the Dr Lady said (what is her name?): Did you see the kids?

So, the Others filch kids? pregnant women? but, nonetheless, KIDS. multiple kids. and i kinda have a weird feeling that Dr Lady might either be a momma, or had been taking care of one or two.


however, he is about to get a new convert..*giggles*


I noticed the shirtless!Sayid :P

It's sad that with Shannon gone, Boone is totally gone as well. They said someone would get killed off, and I'm guessing Shannon is definitely the one. Phew :(

has someone written the Charlie/Claire fight about that yet?
*hops* I have one! It's halfway through. I posted it on the Charlie/Claire shipper community and my writing LJ "powerwriter". The fic is called "Here I Stand" and it has two fights in it and angst and all that good stuff. Although, now that I'm thinking about it, maybe you've read it before. *sighs* It's been a while since I updated! I'm also gonna start another fic about C/C fighting about the drugs. I'm so incline to almost killing Charlie off with a drug overdose. MUHAHA...I'm so evil to my favorite characters.
i actually meant the fight that we saw the very beginning of tonight..the one about Charlie thinking he is daddy and knows all things and Claire giving him the smackdwon..and i probably have read your fics over at charlie_claire, but i dont actually remember, so now i have to go look...

and i am SO VERY GLAD im not the only one who noticed Shirtless!Sayid. because, really, it deserves to be noticed. and capped. and iconed. GUH.
*smacks forehead* Dumb me. I guess the Locke/drug talk before the question threw me off.
I am so pissed of that there are still so many questions regarding Shannon and we probably won't get answers to them. Although it would be awesome if there was a Desmond flashback episode in which he interacts with Shannon in some way. Dang. Now I"m going to want to see that.
Shirtless Sayid....*brain still stuttering over that*

Naveen Andrews is wonderful - my daughter (who is ten) LOVES him. We had to buy 'Bride and Prejudice' because he is in it, singing and dancing, Bollywood-style.

And Shannon!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!Damn you, WHEDON. *because I blame all death-of-characters-I love on him now)

Why do the women in Sayid's life all end up dead?
I've decided that I don't give a rat's ass about the rest of the island. And the children are totally Lord of the Flies. But what they have to do with psychics (unless they're psychic kids), the weirdness of The Hatch, and the numbers reaching out psychically to Hurley or whatever, I don't know. Are the pirates working for the kids/Others? Maybe it's Lord of the Flies enslaving the adults.

*offers up Shannon's bloody carcass to Petey* It was a wrongful death, but it is flesh that is related to Boone-flesh. And they can be happy and commit incest in your gullet, oh great Orchid of Death.
Bah! Yeah, I noticed the 'kids' thing too...

Oh yeah, and I watch the episodes with the closed-captioning on, and all it says when Walt is on screen is [whispers], so yeah. Not really helpful.

Emily :)
especially because he is DRUG ADDICT with a stash of drugs hidden in the virgin mary. NOTHING TO SAY HERE, CHARLIE.
silly boy :D

look, the way the death was set up was awesome
:( I still haven't seen it yet, but I couldn't help to spoil myself
According to my radio morning show (they did the one at the beginning of the season as well) Walt wsa talking in reverse.

He said something like, "They're coming. They're close>"

If you want, they're most likely going to put the audio up on their website this morning - they always do.

Uh - boy.
We like the opposite people.
So I can't really say much - since I disagree with most of what you wrote. LOL
But I do think that it will be interesting to see what comes next now that Ana has killed an "innocent". I do think that Walt was really trying to warn them and that Vincent is his conduit. It's very interesting that Sayid finally saw Walt too.
And yes - did you see the kids? Obviously Libby has had her kid(s) taken.
we have always like different people. i know you adore Jack, for one thing, while I just tolerate him. mostly.

i dont know about Vincent being the conduit..its a theory ive read before, but i dont buy it for some reason. I mean, the dog is evil, he could just be waiting around for everyone to die. :) I do, however, think that Walt was trying to warn Shannon. The last time, when he is making shushing noises and motions, he is completely trying to tell her to shur up so she doesnt get shot. earlier though? warning about the Others, maybe? Or asking for help?

i dont know. *ponders*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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