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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Time's A Wastin

I am using my Sugarbowl!Snape icon, because A) its next in order to be used and B) it makes me laugh.

And seeing as my day has been full of random and interesting useless things, i feel the need to laugh.

so, with that, some things that have made me happy.

-Last night on the way down to my dance class, i passed an 18wheeler. said 18wheeler was a closed trailer, not the kind to carry livestock. however, on the back of the trailer was stenciled Caution: Show Chickens. I have no idea what it means, but it has already provided me with hours of entertainment mentally.

Chickens! in shows! and dressed up in costumes! Im Too Sexy, all in chicken!

-Joss is still boss. And you can tell inthis post, where he babbles and makes random comments. however, the bestest random comment ever would be this one:

Thanks for keeping the faith, bringing the news (I really do learn stuff here) and carrying the banner (That's for us Newsies fans.)

DUDE, Joss is a Newsies fan! My life is complete! ..and now i want to use my Newsies icon, but i dont want to change my comment at the top about Snape and Sugarbowls. So, insert inappropriate squealing love for Newsies and Spot Conlon.

-Gilmore Girls kicked so much ass last night.

-Lost will kick ass tonight.

-I have almost 8000 words on Nano. which puts me still wildly behind (by about 7000 words), but i am thrilled for myself. i would post a tiny bit here, but i dont think it would work, due to my brain wanting to post too much of it, and then no one could follow it, and it would break your friends page and everyone would hate me.

If i leave now, technically, i could write for half an hour before Lost starts. Technically.


My freakish randomness has finally been explained, and it's name is Joss. This makes me feel so much better (is it weird that I first typed "butter" there?)

And...show chickns? Didn't they have those on The Muppet Show? Wasn't Gonzo in love with one?
*giggles* Show Chickens.

And I know, I read the Joss post, and went all fangirly at work. He somehow said the magic words that makes everything okay again.

*whispers* I started a Clifford/Ricky for My Bodyguard. I have to share with someone!

And I really need to get a paid account so I'm limited to 3 icons.
Wow, and words were just dropping out of that post.

"Clifford/Ricky FIC for"


"I'm NOT limited"
Show chickens! That reminds me of the Brian Regan joke about show horses. *snickers*

And NEWSIES. I don't have it uploaded in my userpics, so I'll just post the one I made:

and that's only one of the 15 :x And not even my favorite hah.
Show chickens!

Gilmore Girls kicked total ass, and that makes me want to ask you all kinds of things like your oppinion on Jess and all that but I won't because it's the comments and you need to nano not GG spaz with me and also I would like those links to fic you mentioned before but you don't have to do it now because of the nano and yes I'm aware this is a run on sentence from hell. :)

HEE! i would LOVE to squee with you! i havent written my GG ep review yet, but it is full of exclamation points and OMGMAKEMESTOPLIKINGJESS.


in long, you will have to wait..or get squealy right here. :) please, feel free, and ill post my ep review here in a bit.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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