Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Angel Ficlet: Coffee, Tea, or Me?

Title: Coffee, Tea, or Me?
Author: alianora
Rating: R
Summery: Hamilton won't stay distracted like he is supposed to.

For bugchicklv. Finally. I offer no excuses for this. And its not porn. I'm sorry. I figure i gave you enough porn in that last thing with Hamilton sexing up everyone in Angel's office.


Harmony was starting to get very frustrated.

As an administrative assistant, she took her job very seriously.

Part of her job, at this critical juncture in Angel's plan, was to keep the liaison from the Senior Partners busy.

But Mr. Hamilton just would not be distracted!

He would walk into meetings without even checking in with her first! He was always just striding past her into Angel's office, and really, what did he think a receptionist was for? She wasn't just a pretty face!

Well, she was totally pretty. But that wasn't all! She could unstick the computer system most days, and she made a killer cup of coffee. No, really, one of the labs in the science department had come up with a coffee blend that ate away stomach lining.

Angel didn't like it, though. Said it gave him indigestion.

And he was starting to get annoyed with her inability to get rid of Mr. Hamilton when he wasn't supposed to be hanging around.

She had offered coffee, magazines, refreshments, and virgins, but the man could not be distracted for long of his job of looming over people and bullying her boss!

This was unacceptable.

So, as she was attempting to answer three phone lines at once as she was getting back from lunch, as well as deal with a foul up involving the new mail guy and Angel's plate glass window, she flagged down Mr. Hamilton.

He ignored her.

She put the phones on night, hung up on the post office and shouted, "You stop right there, Mr. Big Stuff!"

Astonishingly, he did. He also seemed vaguely amused by the bright pink trench coat she was wearing, but she didn't pay attention to that.

No, she was a woman on a mission.

She took hold of the lapels of his very nicely tailored suit and hissed, "I am not just a pretty face, Mr. Hamilton!"

He raised an eyebrow. "Please," he said. "Call me Marcus."

She straightened, but didn't let go of his jacket. Instead, she tugged him into an empty conference room to have this out once and for all.

Once there, she dropped hold of his jacket and crossed her arms. She tried to ignore the fact he was smoothing out any wrinkles she might have left in his coat. "Well then, Mr..Marcus, do you have any respect at all for how hard it is to do your job when one of the people you sort of work for doesn't pay any attention to the rules?" For good measure, she tapped her foot in her new pair of fabulous strappy sandals. "Its not fair! I'm supposed to keep you busy and happy and out of Angel's well gelled hair, but you didn't even look at the virgin I gave you last week!"

"Well now." Marcus tilted his head. "Did you ever think I just wasn't interested in a virgin?"

Harmony scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Every man wants a virgin."

"I don't." Marcus straightened his tie. He smoothed his hands down his jacket. He fixed the cuffs of his shirt.

A light turned on in Harmony's brain.

She beamed as she figured it out. "Oh!" She cheerfully unbuttoned her trench coat and let it fall to the floor. "Do you want to have sex?"

A slow smile worked across Marcus's face. "I like girls with a little more stamina than most virgins." He watched Harmony unzip her stylish blouse. "I think sex would be a very good way of keeping me..busy."

He even put his jacket down on the table, so her bare back wouldn't get cold.

Wrinkles be damned.


Now, back to nano. and Raised Right.

And possibly, mahjong.

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