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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Man, What Are You Doing Here?

Im at work, which means Im not here, you didnt see this, and im not
posting just because im BORED OUT OF MY SKULL.

I still havent figured out how to make the formatting work when im
posting from email..hmm.

Anyway, I am so very very behind on comments. So very far.

I havent even responded to the comments on the last fics or anything
for the last week. GAH.

Im trying to catch up, at least with everyones fic and personal lives.
So far, it isnt working...whitelighter69 has even updated TWICE,
and i have yet to comment.

Nanowrimo is going fairly well, i think. Im having fun, and it seems
to be going ok. There is some dreck involved, naturally, but im
trying really hard to keep from going back and changing things at this
point. Right now, its word count that im working on.

Raised Right is coming along, but keeps getting pushed to the side,
which isnt cool, because i WANT IT DONE. Its fun to write, but the
fact that its jaylee AND has a plot makes it a strain on my already
overstressed nano brain. PLus, its JAYLEE and it has a PLOT. these
are two things i dont always deal with anyway.

And i still have drabbles, and i still want to write another part of
the Rayne Carnival fun. But i have no ideas, because my brain is no
longer working at full capacity.

Also, was watching Stargate SG1 some more last night, and somehow i
completely missed four episodes. FOUR EPISODES.

Now, if i had skipped over a disc or something, it wouldnt be a big
deal. But i didnt. I missed one, saw the following ep, then missed
three more. And i only figured that out because in one of the last
eps, they do some flashbacks, and Jack is in a hazmat suit, and im

So, now i have to go back, start over from the beginning (im just
barely in S2), and rewatch all of S1, just so i know im not going
completely insane.


Also, i want my own personal Jack O'Neill, please.

My brain is melting. I have to go.


mmm... Jack O'Neil. Ah yes RDA is an old crush of mine. I did heavy negotiations with the 'rents so I could stay up late on Monday nights and watch MacGyver, but maybe you didn't want to know that about me...
i did not negociate. there were no negotiations. there was only Mac.

Really, the noise i made when I got Mac S1 on dvd probably damaged many animals' ears.

And please to admire my beloved Naked!Mac icon. *points* made by me. I have more. many more.
I am also at work. And likewise, you are not seeing this.

*Snuggles* Don't stress. We expect you to be all crazy like this month. That's supposedly part of the fun, isn't it?

The Jaylee is growing on you darling, I know it is.

Leastwise, I hope to finish my lovelorn!Jayne fic tonight, if that helps.

jack is mine! we've discussed this. you get macgyver, i get jack. no squelching!
i wasnt squelching. i was just wishing! Jack is still all yours! ..so long as Mac is mine.
If you're taking orders for personal Jack O'Neill's, I'll take one as well :)
And i still have drabbles, and i still want to write another part of
the Rayne Carnival fun.

Yay!! I've been very conflicted lately -- I need more fics from you, but can't quite bring myself to read the latest Jaylee ones. It's very difficult to *not* read one of your fics, but it's Jaylee... On the other hand, it's yours... See the dilemma? So more Ranye/arnival fun would be awesome. ;)

But i have no ideas, because my brain is no longer working at full capacity.
*hugs and offers cookies*
Sorry for the random comment, but I'm in the same boat. I want to read it because it's Alia, but...Jaylee holds little to no appeal for me. So yes, I agree, more carnival fics!
hee to both of you!

hell, im amazed im writing it, as its Jaylee! just read..the first part, maybe? and then decide? *kicks the ground sheepishly* i need the feedback from people who ARENT jaylee brained to know if its actually decent.

and yes, i am hoping for more Carnival fun..anybody got a suggestion?
Wow!! And I thought my Charmed addiction was bad!

Miss you Love you!!!!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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