Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,


I talked about the Angel Finale over here, and i would cut and paste it, but my comp isnt letting me. damn thing.

im leaving kids. one week from tommorow, i will be married. im leaving today in about 4 hours. i have a huge suitcase packed, and im only sure of about 5 things in there. my brain is melted.

although, somehow, we have ended up with 5 kids in the wedding. 3 flower girls, and 2 ring bearers. and we arent related to any of them.

so, schedule for the next week, because i know you care.

Saturday, May 22 - shopping and final dress fitting.
Sunday, May 23 - talk my way out of church.
Monday, May 24 - hair appointment for final cut
Tuesday, May 25 - shopping for bridesmaids presents, sisters arrive
Wednesday, May 26 - Bachelorette Party
Thursday, May 27 - nail appointment, Brandus arrives in town
Friday, May 28 - Bridesmaids Luncheon, get marriage license, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner
Saturday, May 29 - hair appointment, out of town brunch, get ready, pictures, ceremony, pictures, reception, first dance, cut cake, collapse.

any questions?

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