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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


Day one: in which i had dance and work, and could only write for a little while until i had to go to bed.

1,017 / 50,000

bits are being posted at boatsofpaper, friendslocked. Let me know if you want friending.


Is it original fic? Because I might be interested in friendation. :)
it IS. no fanfic novels for me!

its chick lit, just so you know. let me know if you want friending.
Not only do I love you oh so very much, but against my better judgement, I signed up to NaMo to share your misery and now I feel vaguely ill over committing myself...so yeah, you better friend me or I may have to cease my Rayne dance.

*laughs hysterically*

Now you know the fear i live with through october! dont worry, you can do it!

go on and friend boatsofpaper, and ill add you back in a little bit.
Wait a tic. I've lost you both to the novel writing craziness?



how could you not automatically friend me? need to read! friend me biaaatch

Re: dude

because you havent friended me yet, even though ive posted several places, including the spiral, about doing it.

friend me over there, and ill add you when i get home.

Re: dude

so, I have to be your friend before you will be my friend?

Re: dude

Yep. Didnt you know? :)

Re: dude



write more tonight...Can't wait for more at boatsofpaper! :)
*cheers for you* You are so brave! I'm way to big of a pansy to even think of trying this!
It's OK; that is 1,005 more than I wrote today. And I am soooo glad that I did NOT sign up for this challenge too!

*points to icon*

Yeah, me. 2001, The Rio Hotel and Casino: Club Madrid.
*spits out drink on monitor* I LOVE IT. you look LOVELY and..pink!

*cackles hysterically*

i adore you! i really really do!

and i think Hamilton and i have finally come to some sort of truce..i even have an idea! Besides the porn, obviously..*snickers* it amuses ME anyway.
Well sugar, if it amuses YOU I have NO DOUBT that it will have me in stitches.

Hee hee, Club!Kid!Bug! Ahhh, good times, good times.

I don't have the whole picture on my puter, but my RLBF (the one who got me this job) is in it too! She has on a Platinum wig and silver disco-ball dress.

And...yeah. That's about all I remember of that night. Good thing there were pics!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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