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Firefly Fic: Raised Right (2/4)

Title: Raised Right (2/4)
Author: alianora
Rating: PG13
Summery: Kaylee ain’t the kinda girl you just mess around with. She’s the kinda girl you court proper.
Serenity spoilers
A/N: Massive thanks to rinalin, zoe_jayne, and thegranddewru for the encouragement, the kicks in the pants, and the listening to me whine. And the random lines of dialogue.

This was supposed to be fluff. It isn’t. Jayne got mad, and now its angsty. There will be a happy ending though. Promise!

For sirkpega, with love.

Part One

It was a good while later when he picked his way to his bunk. His muscles were burning in a good way, and a towel was slung round his neck.

He had gotten used to having nobody to spot him when the Shepard left, but sometimes he still missed having Book there to switch off with. He had nearly overloaded at one point, and kinda twisted his wrist some, keeping the bar from dropping funny.

So, it could probably be explained that he was distracted by his wrist when he dropped down into his bunk.

It’s the only reason he could come up with on why he didn’t see her right away.

“Kaylee!” He jumped back about a foot, one hand going automatic to his hip before it really sunk in who it was.

Kaylee. In his bunk. Wearing a tiny little dress and holding a bottle of hooch.

Something ‘bout this picture just ain’t right.

She gave him that mega watt grin, but there was something funny round her eyes. “Hiya, Jayne.” She waved the bottle at him. “Thought you might want some company and something to drink.”

“Well, I ain’t never said no to a drink. And your company’s welcome.” He gestured towards the bed, but he was watching her awful close as she settled herself down. The little dress weren’t covering much, and she didn’t seem too concerned about the amount of leg she was showing off.

Matter of fact, she kinda seemed to be flirting.

He stayed where he was, ‘cause he could see Mal thinking all sorts of the wrong things about this situation.

Or maybe all the right things, ‘cause the look Kaylee just flashed him from under her eyelashes was all kinds of inviting.

“Come on and sit down already.” She patted a place on the bed right beside her, leaning over some so her top slid off of her shoulder a bit.

She had a right pretty neck. Not that he was noticing.

But, he sat himself down beside her anyways, taking the bottle when she passed it over. Maybe if he just didn’t look over at her, this could just be two people enjoying some drinking.

And maybe he was just hallucinating all this anyway. Which might be preferable to the reality, which was all kinds of weird.

He was trying to remember the last time Kaylee had been in his bunk, and aside from the time the com shorted out, and maybe his first day, he couldn’t think of any. She had never come in just for the company before.

Maybe she needed some help with something. Like, lifting something in the engine room, or taking apart one of the vents or something.

The booze went down kinda like drinking fire, but it weren’t the worst he’d ever drunk. It was actually one of Kaylee’s better batches of moonshine. Which weren’t saying much.

And then all thoughts about the merits of moonshine went complete out of his head when the girl sitting beside him snuggled up to his arm and grinned up at him.

“Why, Jayne!” She batted her eyelashes. “You would think you had never had a girl in your bunk before!”

He shifted, trying to get some room between the two of them. “Not you anyways, Kaylee.”

She slid up sudden, wrapping her fingers round the collar of his shirt as she pressed up against him. “You do ‘member what to do with one, doncha?”

Damn, she smelled good. And it’d been a while since they set down somewhere that had a decent whorehouse, so it weren’t like he weren’t very aware of how very girly she was.

And with her shimmying outta her dress, leaving her in very little, it weren’t like he wasn’t attracted.

Rutting hell, was he attracted. All that skin, just waiting to be licked.

But this weren’t a whore, this was Kaylee. Who he saw everyday. Who he teased, worked with, and helped lift things. His friend, as much as he had one.

And he weren’t about to treat her that way. No matter how good she smelled or how her hot her breathe was on his neck. Or how very pretty her ti..breasts looked, all perky and round.

He wasn’t moving, and she was getting closer, and her girly bits was looking all kinds of bitable.

Some part of his brain was chanting airlock, airlock, but he seemed to be having trouble remembering what that meant.

And then Kaylee was all pressed up against him, all warm and soft, and she was about to kiss him, right on the mouth, and that’s when he dropped the bottle he’d been holding and jumped up about eighteen feet in the air.

She overbalanced and fell over onto the bed as he got as far across the room as humanly possible. She looked kinda pissed, but still really really good. And very nearly nekkid.

He grabbed the rungs of the ladder to his bunk to give himself something to hold onto that weren’t a body part of hers. “What the hell, girl?” he half shouted. “What the hell?” He was shook something good, and wasn’t sure he was making any kinds of sense.

But Kaylee, down here in his bunk, acting like that didn’t make any kind of sense, neither.

Rolling her eyes, she stood up again and started moving towards him, setting all kinds of interesting things a moving. "A woman shows up naked in your bunk and you gotta ask?"

"You ain't no--" he swallowed, his eyes exploring where they shouldn't, "Woman. You’re just a girl and girls shouldn't be showin' up nekkid in my bunk!"

"I'm not quite naked yet." Determined, she moved toward him again.

"You just stop right there!" He pointed one shaking finger at her, and flattened himself back against the ladder.

"Jayne." She was pouting, and there weren’t a force more powerful in the ‘verse than that little girl’s pout. But he weren’t having none of it. ‘Sides, he was having enough trouble just focusing on her face.

"Don't know what bee ya got in your bonnet but I ain't lookin'--" his eyes slid down to her body and he forced them back to her face. “I ain’t looking to do nothing with you, Kaylee, so you just put your dress back on and head on up outta here.”

She came just a little closer, running her hands down her stomach. “Don’t you think I’m pretty, Jayne?” She turned around slowly, keeping her eyes on him. “I know what you like in a woman, Jayne.” She slid her fingers into the waistband into of her panties and started to edge them down.

“You stop that right now, girl.” His voice had suddenly gotten cold. “You ain’t gonna come into my bunk, like some cheap bit of trim, and expect me to pet ‘cha and call ya pretty.” He stalked over to the bed and threw her crumpled up dress in her face. “You put your clothes on, and you get out, girl.”

She gaped at him, clutching her dress. Stark shock flicked across her face. “I thought..”

“I don’t give a rutting hell what you thought, girl!” He was well and truly pissed by now. He weren’t even horny anymore. “You thought you could prance in here and throw yourself at ol’ Jayne, and that’d be just fine!” He grabbed up the bottle of booze and shook it at her. “Get him drunk, do whatever the hell you wanted, and then go back to your doctor in the morning!”

She was still standing in the middle of the room, and suddenly she was looking awful small.

But he weren’t in a good spot to notice. “That ain’t no better than a whore, little girl. Is that what you are?” He was near spitting by this point. “I heard how you came on board, Kaylee. Is that what you’re doing?” He was right up in her face, and he could see her eyes was all shiny, but he didn’t care. “Is it my turn? You already done everybody else on Serenity?”

She tried to stutter a denial, shaking her head hard. Tears were starting to roll down her face.

He looked her up and down. “Can’t say that you’re the best looking whore I ever done, but you ain’t bad.” He reached up to unbuckle his belt, never taking his eyes off the shocked girl in front of him. “Time to pay up, little girl. I’ll get you your money after.”

With a choked cry, Kaylee dashed for the ladder. She was half crying as she threw herself up it, dress still pressed tight to her, trying to cover what she was so willing to give away just a bit ago.

Jayne didn’t even care if Mal himself saw her coming outta his bunk, crying and nekkid. He kicked his bunk, snarling and swearing when it didn’t do more than make a dull thunk. He overturned anything he could get his hands on, throwing anything with any weight behind it as hard as he could.

Standing in the middle of the wreckage of his room, he rubbed his hands through his hair. He was real tired, all of a sudden. He let himself slip down the wall, grabbing the bottle Kaylee had brought with her. Somehow, he hadn’t smashed it.

He leaned back against the wall, resting his head against the bottle.

He could still smell her.


Part One / Part Two /Part Three / Part Four
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