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Firefly Fic: Raised Right (Jaylee Fic, 1/4)

Title: Raised Right (1/4)
Author: alianora
Rating: PG13
Summery: Kaylee ain’t the kinda girl you just mess around with. She’s the kinda girl you court proper.
Serenity spoilers
A/N: Massive thanks to rinalin, zoe_jayne, and thegranddewru for the encouragement, the kicks in the pants, and the listening to me whine. And the random lines of dialogue.

This was supposed to be fluff. It isn’t. Jayne got mad, and now its angsty. There will be a happy ending though. Promise!

For sirkpega, with love.

Part two will be posted tomorrow, when I have part three finished.

Jayne had been watching her for a while now. She’s been sitting down in the cargo bay crying for about an hour. Not hard crying, just kinda shaking a little. And sometimes he could hear her sniff some.

She and the doc had gotten into it earlier. There was a good deal of yelling, and then the crazy girl was in the middle and screaming. And now the doc was drugging the hell outta his sister, and Kaylee was crying in the cargo hold.

Something about that weren’t right.

He had seen Kaylee all kinds of emotional since he met her. She was just like that. She could be some kind of pissed off if you crossed her, and it weren’t like this was the first time he had seen her cry. But this weren’t normal Kaylee crying.

This was Kaylee looking beat. Like she was giving up.

And Kaylee weren’t ever one to give up on anything.

Jayne had been sitting up on the catwalk when she came in, and he was just watching her now.

He weren’t no good at comforting crying girlfolk, so he was staying right where he was. But he didn’t wanna leave her alone, neither. So he kept sitting, just keeping watch on her.

Eventually, she did get up. Dried her face off on her coveralls, and went back to work. Looking for all the world like she hadn’t just been broken in two by that rutting doctor.

But it weren’t his business. And Kaylee weren’t his girl.

So, he stayed where he was. And he just watched her walk away.

And then he went to go lift weights. ‘Cause he had a powerful need to hurt somebody, and Mal sure would be put out if he beat the hell outta the doc.

So, he was planning on take out some of this rage on the weights. Least they wasn’t gonna make no little girls cry.

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